Pops Of Color For Interior Front Doors

I’m seeing lots of color on interior front doors and back doors. Colorful doors in general throughout the home. It’s a great detail that is easy to do and can really change the look of a space.

I painted the interior side of our front door a really pretty shade of pink but alas it just wasn’t working. To see that post go here. I just took a look at that post and realized I didn’t post the paint name but it’s Valspar Warm Pink. This would be a really pretty color to use on furniture especially for a girls room. I really like the color, I think it was just not the right spot for it. That’s what I love about paint, you can give it a try and if it doesn’t work, you just paint it again. I do plan on adding a few pops of pink throughout the house but the way the light was hitting this gave it a funny almost neon look that just wasn’t right.

So I decided to paint it the same gray color that I painted the cabinets in the guest bath which is right off the entry. Oops spoiler alert as I haven’t posted my guest bath yet, but I will soon and it’s really great! I used the Valspar paint again, the new color is Autumn Fog.

Also, just for a pointer. It was a chilly day when I painted the door but as I was putting on the second coat of Autumn Fog the sun was hitting the outside of the door and even though the interior side of the door didn’t feel hot, I had to stop painting as the paint was drying and clumping. I just waited for it to get cooler and continued to paint. FYI.

A pretty and fun pop of color, too bad it just wasn’t working…

photo 4

 My husband starting to put on the primer. We always start with the creases and corners, then fill it all in. I’m pleased to say that I actually painted most of the door. Usually my husband does the painting but with so many projects to do with this remodel I’m gonna have to get my hands dirty too. Fun satisfaction in doing it myself.

photo 3

Starting to paint the first coat of Autumn Fog. I did one coat of primer and 2 coats of color. Even though the new paints have primer I still think it’s better to start with a white primer.

photo 5

Realizing that our trusty step ladder is getting a bit worn, time for a new one I think.

photo 2 copy

The finished door. I liked it right away and it really brings a nice cohesiveness to the space with the guest bath, dining room and living room being in close proximity. It’s also more sophisticated which is better for this more formal area of the house.

photo 5 copy

Before and after…

photo 4photo 5 copy

Here’s some inspiration…




via CIL



via CIL



That’s it for today.



3 thoughts on “Pops Of Color For Interior Front Doors

  1. Small Town Rambler says:

    I painted our front door this summer and it really made such a difference with the whole look of our house! What a pretty gray that is on your door!

    Liked by 1 person

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