My Laundry Room Reveal and How It Started My Complete Home Remodel

I’m super excited to post my Laundry Room Reveal. It’s this room that started my complete home remodel, and is my first room reveal blog post of the remodel. So hold on, this is going to be a long but very fun post.  Let me give you a little background on our home history. The house was a new construction and we are the original owners, we moved in: June  2000. My husband and I got to pick out all the upgrades and had all the soft and hardscape put in. It was incredibly fun to move into this house. It was our third home, having upgraded each time, and we were thrilled to be moving our daughters, who were age four and one at the time, into a brand new house, in a planned community and not far from the beach. We felt we were living our dreams and giving our daughters a wonderful place to grow up. This home was larger than any other that we had owned and we knew we’d be living here for quite a while, I’ll be honest, not 16 years, but that’s how it’s turned out. I’m not complaining, it’s been a real blessing and even more than we could have hoped for with lovely neighbors, stunning surroundings and the best weather  you could ask for.

One thrilling thing that comes with a new build, is getting to pick out all the upgrades. The builder had a design center where you would go to pick out your upgrades. As much as I was loving this process it was a bit challenging trying to pick things out as I was nursing one daughter and had my than 3-year-old daughter running around the place and my husband whispering in my ear “stick to the budget”. Not exactly my interior design dream but I wasn’t going to complain, it was still thrilling. We paid cash for all our upgrades which meant I had to decide what was most important to me, and to this day I’m glad that my husband had us do that, it never effected our mortgage payment and honestly I was pretty bushed being a new mommy and was probably not in the best state of mind to be making such big financial decisions. We also felt like we wanted to live in the space to feel it out and see what would work, also good thinking. It’s hard to pick things out when the house isn’t even built yet.

Being busy parents, we worked on the house but never really got done some of the big projects we were hoping to. Fast forward to 16 years later, with our now 20-year-old and 17-year-old daughters, we are in the throes of a complete home remodel.

Here’s how this craziness got started. A few years ago my sturdy and very dependable Maytag Neptune front loader washer broke. We were one of the first people that I knew to get a front loader washer, and we had the matching dryer. They were sooooooo cool and I loved them, well I loved the way they looked. I never had any real problems with them but honestly I never felt the front loader cleaned the clothes as well. So when my washer broke and it was not worth fixing, it was time to buy a new washer and dryer. As my husband and I were looking for new ones I pointed at that since we were going to have to move the washer and dryer out we might as well get new flooring, and since we were doing that we should repaint and add crown molding and baseboards, oh yeah since we’re doing that I’d sure like a nice tile backsplash, and the cabinets should be painted, but don’t worry the sink and counter are in good shape, we can keep those. And so you see, that is how it all started…my washer broke.

I’d like to say that this remodel is moving along at a fast pace but this laundry room of mine has been done for at least a couple of years, dare I say going on 3 maybe? I’ve always had a love of interior design and thought that the laundry room was a good place to start since I’m the one that spends the most time there, nix that, the only person who spends time there, so I could use it as a sort of “practice” room to find good contractors and hone my designing skills. I knew I wanted an industrial look and that it would probably be the only room in my home remodel to have deep color because I wanted the rest of my house white. I started with the purchase of my new washer and dryer and went from there. I’ve got lots of pictures to show and I’ll share all the info along the way. So here it goes.

The room has two doors, one leads out to the third car garage and one leads into my home office. There is a counter/sink/storage area on one side and the washer and dryer on the other. It was a bit challenging to photograph, and impossible to get the whole room in one shot even though it’s a pretty good size for a laundry room. The room also gets lots of light but I kept the room on the darker side to photograph the colors more accurately.

Pictured below is the counter/sink/storage area. The glass backsplash is from either Lowe’s or Home Depot, I have a “home” folder that I keep all my paperwork in but I’m in the middle of my office remodel and can’t find it, so I’m not sure if it was Lowe’s or Home Depot, sorry about that. I like how industrial it looked and it went well with my new washer and dryer which you’ll see, it also reflects the light nicely that comes in from the window on the opposite wall.  It was such a small area that I could splurge on some good tile. The cabinets were already white, they were in great shape. I had originally had them upgraded to white Thermafoil, which is a coating that keeps the cabinets protected but unfortunately we were told you could not paint over. Since they were in such good shape, just a little discolored, my husband and I decided to try to paint them to see if we could, and guess what, they look great and have held up beautifully. The counter was also in good condition so we left it. The sink was fine too, it has some paint stains but that’s why I love it, most of the paint stains are from my oldest daughter Sage who is an artist, and who is away most of the year attending college. I like looking in the sink and seeing the reminder of all of her projects and all the projects I’ve done with my girls as they were growing up. I really didn’t want to replace anything that was in good condition. I don’t want to be wasteful but I do want it to look nice, so I save what I can and replace what I need to.



I don’t like a lot of clutter on my counters, so I keep it to a minimum, only having out what I use regularly.







We used individual  pieces of the backsplash to edge the tile. This gave it a nice finished look, otherwise with glass tile the edge just looks like cut glass, not pretty.


A closer look at the painted Thermafoil cabinets. We sanded and then painted them with a sprayer and they came out great. The walls are painted the most beautiful charcoal grey color that I just love paired with the bright white trim. Even though there is a lot of dark colors in the room the white trim, ceiling and cabinets and lots of sunlight give this room an airy brightness. The paint color is: Vintage Gray by Valspar, it is the perfect grey, there aren’t any undertones which I really like.


This is the crown molding that my husband installed and showing the way he goes around vents. We’ve done this throughout our house. Crown molding has been one of the hardest jobs my husband has tackled himself, if you’ve never done it let me warn you, it’s a bugger but so worth the effort. Even professionals have a hard time installing crown molding, let’s just say it can have a mind of its own.


I found the knobs at DeNaults True Value Hardware Store and believe it or not they were on sale for just over a dollar a piece, now that’s a deal!! They match the tile and give more of the industrial look I was looking for. I like that they have more of a brass tone to them since everything else is lending to grey and stainless steel. I think mixing metals is fine, in fact I welcome it, so things don’t get too matchy-matchy. When I’m designing I try to look for deals, especially when I’m taking on the whole house. I won’t choose a bargain over quality, but I will look for options so I’m not overpaying through the whole project. Knobs in a laundry room is definitely a time to save some $$$.


The faucet was a great find at Costco. Periodically they carry things like this. It’s very sturdy, has clean lines, a pull out handle for easy cleaning and works like a charm. Unfortunately they no longer have it.

Fresh flowers are always a must in any room.


The black marble soap dispenser is from Target by Threshold and is only $12.99, I love the shape and black marble is my favorite, you can find it here. The glass lidded containers that hold my dryer sheets and clothes pins are from Target (they also carry them at Walmart) find them here. The clothes pins I use all the time to securely close chips bags and such. They work well and you can buy a bunch for just a couple of bucks. I get mine at Walmart.


The planter and plant are from IKEA. I really didn’t realize until recently the nice garden section they have, I got a bunch of different planters and some beautiful healthy plants for a fraction of the cost of my local home center. I like adding organic elements especially in such an industrial space.


It’s all in the detail…stainless light plates from either Home Depot or Lowe’s (again sorry, can’t remember which).


This is the door that leads to my home office, the counter is to the left and washer and dryer to the right. We are going to replace the door with one like this, so that when you are in my office it will give a more airy feel and also let people know it leads to the laundry room, otherwise I feel like it looks as if it leads to our third car garage. I also feel it will customize the space, and if you don’t already know I have a thing for doors. Of course we will paint the door white to match.


Here’s the other side of the room with my new Maytag Bravos XL top loader washer and matching dryer. I’ve been very happy with these and have always had good luck with the Maytag brand. I chose the charcoal color for its industrial look. I got them at Lowe’s and had wonderful service and delivery. Note: the laundry in the dryer, because the laundry is constantly going at our house and not even a blog posting can make that stop. 🙂


The window above has white Levolor Blinds. I need blinds in here because I like to keep them open to let in the sunshine but in the hotter months I need to close them to cool down the room.


On both walls is my own personal photography which I’m hoping to start selling sometime this year. I’ll keep you updated. Both shots are from the beach and add another organic quality, some color, and also a personal touch reflecting the area we live and our family’s love of the beach.





Frames with mats are from Target here.


This is the door leading to my third car garage.


Washer and dryer to the left, counter/sink area to the right. This is the perspective coming from my office, it’s about the only way I can try to show you the whole room.


I wanted the floors to look like concrete floors and this tile was perfect. It’s actually much more grey then the pictures are showing, I used larger tiles and very small grout lines with grey grout, they also give a wonderful industrial look to the room. The floors are so easy to take care of and are so forgiving to this house full of beach lovers, even when they’re constantly covered in sand.

I’m pretty sure I got the tile at Lowe’s.




Artwork from World Market. They give a touch of hominess to this otherwise clean lined space.

IMG_3954 IMG_3955

 So that’s my complete laundry room reveal. I’m still happy with it and for someone who spends everyday, and I mean everyday in that room, it’s such a pleasure to do laundry in. I’m a big believer in every space in your home to be lovely and make you feel happy, even the laundry room. I’ve learned so much since doing this room and have been spending lots of my time building this blog and honing my interior design skills. Can’t wait to see where this leads.

Since this post was pretty long and with lots of pictures I didn’t get a chance to share how I’ve organized the room and made it incredibly functional, so come by tomorrow to hear more about that.

Really glad I got to share this today and can’t wait to show you all the other projects that are going on.

photo 3


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