Are We Overexposed to Design Ideas???

I’ve been preparing my laundry room to write a post about it. It will be my first complete project in our home remodel and I am excited to share it with you. But as I was getting it ready I started to think of all the ways I would or could change it. I really love cement tile it would look so great in that room, or a pretty wallpaper, should I have gotten the washer and drier in white even though I was so happy with the charcoal color I bought? As I looked around this completed project and thought about all that went into it, I got a bit annoyed with myself. Yes, I love interior design and so I spend hours and hours pouring over blogs, interior design books, I love getting inspired by architecture, nature, even movies where I can’t help but focus on the surroundings, but with that comes creative overload which makes me want to redecorate constantly. It’s important to me that my home is my sanctuary, the place in this world where my family and I can unwind, feel safe; a safe haven in this hectic world. I want it filled with treasures that reflect us and comfort us, and are inviting to anyone who enters our home. So I looked again at my completed laundry room. I thought about the hours that went into it: in the design process, the running around buying everything, the days unable to do laundry as the tiling got done, the painting my husband did, and I smiled! This is my completed room, the room I spend a lot of time in and you know what…IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

This was not the blog post I had intended for today but after having the epiphany I described above, I ran across an old blog post by one of my favorite designers Jenny Komenda on her blog Little Green Notebook about this very thing. I took that as a sign that I must not be the only one feeling this way. Check out her blog post here, it was quite enlightening and comforting. For more on Jenny and her fabulous blog check out my post here.

So for today, no pictures to post. Let’s just be thankful for whatever we have and whatever condition it is in. What do you think?

Have a wonderful Tuesday.



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