Yep, It’s Pink!!!

Part of the reason I started this blog was to document my journey to redecorate my entire house from top to bottom. I love interior design and am excited to take on this project. The Christmas season is so busy, that many of my projects have been put on hold, but I have managed to paint the interior of my front door. This door was screaming PINK to me. Although this is not a typical choice, the pop of color here looks great. I have a Spanish style home and the front door is located in the turret part of the home after you enter the courtyard, so I don’t have much of an entry. The WOW factor comes from the courtyard on the outside that invites you into our home, so for the simple entry I really think this pop of color is perfect. Most of my decorating is masculine so this does not play too frilly, it actually adds a nice feminine touch that, I think, is needed. I do love the color pink and have just a touch of it throughout my home, just enough to add some cohesiveness. Really loving it. Here’s the before and after pics.


Walls and trim have already been painted, went with white throughout the house. A bit creamier on the wall and a brighter white on the trim. Wall color is custom after I searched for months to find the right “white” that would work throughout the house. For me, white is the toughest paint color to find. I’m not afraid of paint color, if it’s not right you just paint it again, so I went with it for the front door.

photo 4


As you can see, I was not shy about the pink color. When the new hardwood floors are installed and with the contrast of the white walls it’s really going to look amazing and you know what, if it doesn’t I can just repaint. I gotta say I’m really loving it, in fact the more I live with it the more I like it. Whenever I first paint anything I always have to sit with it for a while to really decide if I like it. Nine times out of ten I like what I pick. This part of the house is more open concept, so the dining room and living room are open to the entry, when those two rooms are finished it will really pull this together. As a photographer, I also love that this makes a great backdrop for photos. It’s a win win!!!

Working on refinishing the kitchen table, that update will be next. Love to know what you think and love to see any colorful doors you have. Happy Holidays.

All the best,



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