DIY Valentine’s Day Cards with Embroidery String


I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day!!! When I was in Elementary school I couldn’t wait to come home with my Valentine’s and read all of them. We didn’t get candy from our classmates, just Valentine cards, but that’s all I needed. I loved reading all the cards; each one meant so much to me. I’m still that way. Recently I got a card in the mail from a dear friend, for no reason at all, just to say she loved me and I appreciated it so much. Snail mail is still my favorite type of correspondence and a homemade card, well that is just the BEST !!! So this year I decided to make my family their Valentine’s cards. I found a You Tube video and knew I had to try it.

Here’s the video but for all the instructions follow along on my blog post. I have a few good pointers, but the video will definitely help make it easier for you, if you want to try it.“>http://

 I really enjoyed making this project. It made me feel like a kid again and to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I sewed, other than to put on a button or fix a hem. This project really reminded me of the simple pleasure of making something homemade and old fashioned. I think it turned out really lovely too.

Here’s what you’ll need to begin:

Card stock, which I got at Michaels (I just bought a pack of white that came with envelopes), embroidery string, 1 color per card, large embroidery or yarn needle, smaller needle to punch holes, heart cookie cutter (or make your own stencil heart shape), pencil, a piece of cardboard to work on (I just cut a piece off an old box), scissors and a ruler.


Start by tracing your heart shape onto the card, make sure your are doing it on the front of the card, don’t fold the card over until the project is done. You need the heart symmetrical.


Trace lightly but enough to see it. You’ll be erasing this line later.


If you don’t have a cookie cutter you can always make a template by folding a piece of card stock in half and drawing half a heart, cutting it out and voila, a template…

DSC_0988 DSC_0989

Next you are going to measure hole lines equally on all sides. I measured 5mm (for all of us Americans who don’t use metric, that’s the other side of your ruler that you never look at,  and it’s the half way mark between the beginning of the ruler and the number 1, or approximately a 1/4 inch). Put a pencil dot at each measurement.


Now here’s the important part, MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF HOLES ON BOTH SIDES OF THE HEART. Even though I measured, on my first attempt I ended up with 2 more holes on one side than the other. If that happens don’t worry just use a couple of the holes twice at the end. It turned out fine and you can’t even tell. If you measured and are ending up with unequal sides you can also even out the numbers yourself by changing the spacing. Don’t worry if it’s a bit off, it will turn out fine, that’s what I did with the next two I made.

This is really easy, I promise.


Once you’ve drawn the heart with the hole marks, put a piece of cardboard underneath the card making sure the card is still lying flat and not folded over yet. Start punching little holes where the marks are with the smaller needle.


Now erase all the pencil marks, so you don’t see them when it’s done.


Now you’re ready to sew. Thread an embroidery/yarn needle with your string, try and make as long a piece as you can handle, but if you run out don’t worry you can add more. Start at the bottom of the heart and pull the string through from the back. Leave about an inch of string on the back end, you are going to use this to tie a knot after the next step.


Sew the needle through the top hole of the heart directly across from the one you just started with. Pull the needle from the back side the hole next to the hole you just sewed.


Now sew through to the opposite side of the bottom of the heart.

The string is crossing and that is how you will continue to sew, but first tie the end the one inch piece of string you left with the string you just pulled through to knot it (watch the video for this part).


Knot at bottom…


This is how it will look on the back side…


If you run out of string, just get more and knot the new string to the old string.


Keep sewing…


This is half way through. See how it makes this pretty criss-cross pattern…


This is so easy and doesn’t take long at all.


When it’s all done here’s what the back will look like…


Finished heart…



Pink for my girls and red for my hubby…



I decided to cover up the back side of the heart with a piece of scrapbook paper that I already had and added some cut out hearts to the inside and the envelope.





 I know my family is really going appreciate these homemade cards and I hope they know all the LOVE that went into them.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Make it special for the people you love.

photo 3