“Currently Reading” series with “Kathryn At Home – A Guide To Simple Entertaining” by Kathryn M. Ireland


Welcome to my second installment of the “currently reading” series. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. First of all, Kathryn is one of my favorite designers, her Santa Monica home (which she just recently sold to move to Venice, CA) had the perfect mix of California cool, cozy, chic and looked completely welcoming and her farm in France is my dream space. Actually she pretty much has what I am aspiring to: the California lifestyle that I love so dearly and the get away location to just relax and enjoy nature. You go Kathryn!

This is her latest book and it is all about entertaining with tips on how to entertain with ease while making it look beautiful, along with many healthy and fresh recipes. Throughout the book there are photos of the two homes mentioned, I did think there was going to be more photos of the homes but it is more a cookbook than anything else.

The book is so beautifully put together, it really showcases Kathryn’s aesthetic. Her love of pattern is shown throughout the book with colorful pages and even the traditional type used enhances the style. Every page is gorgeous and pleasing to the eye, making you want to continue reading and turning the pages to take it all in. I can’t wait to read it cover to cover. I’m thinking this will definitely be one for the “cookbook series” since there are so many lovely recipes I want to try.

Here’s a few of the pages…


Love this traditional font.



Kathryn on her farm in France. You gotta love a woman who can wear a beautiful dress on a tractor.



Beautiful tablescapes.


Some of her gorgeous fabrics that she is known for.


Cute little drawings throughout the book.


I bought my copy through Amazon where you can find this book and 5 other books by Kathryn. Looks like I’m going to be ordering 5 more books…I want them all!!

Hope you’re enjoying this new series, I know it’s fun for this bookworm.

photo 3


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