Lunch Bag Popcorn – Perfect Popcorn Every Time!

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I LOVE a big bowl of popcorn! I will forgo a meal and have a big bowl of popcorn instead. After reading many articles about how bad prepackaged microwave popcorn is for you, I decided that was not going to be an option for my family anymore. I have a popcorn popper that you use on the stove top, and have to crank for 5 minutes, and although the popcorn turns out great, it was too much of a pain (lazy, I know). I was so happy to find this healthy and easy alternative and the popcorn turns out perfect every time. The only problem is: I’m eating buckets of popcorn…yikes!!!

Here’s all you’ll need to make this delicious popcorn: organic popcorn, canola oil (I also like to use olive oil), sea salt, brown paper lunch bags, butter (if you’d like).

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I like Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn the best. I store it in my favorite OXO containers that you can find here.


Here’s how easy this is to do.

Measure 1/2 cup of popcorn,


and pour it into the lunch bag.

IMG_5184 IMG_5185 IMG_5187 IMG_5195

Add 1 tsp canola oil to bag.


Close the bag by folding 3 small folds to enclose, and shake to distribute the oil.



Place the bag in the microwave, you can stand it up or lay it down, I’ve done it both ways but prefer to stand it upright. Cook on high 1 min 40 seconds to 2 minutes. For my microwave 2 minutes is perfect. Pop until the popping starts to slow down, make sure not to burn.

Perfect every time!!!


Now my little trick to making it perfectly salted and buttered. First, pour half the bag of popcorn in the bowl, sprinkle with sea salt and pour some melted butter over it. Take a big serving spoon and gently mix it all up, then add the rest of the popcorn, sprinkle with more sea salt and pour some more melted butter and mix gently again.

I have one more secret trick, use Irish butter.


This popcorn is perfect and my family just loves it. It’s so easy and quick and has such a lovely homemade taste to it.


Look how perfectly cooked this is….


FullSizeRender copy 2


FullSizeRender copy 3


Can’t help myself, gonna go make some popcorn right now.

photo 3


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