DIY Ombre Flower Pots


These sweet little ombre flower pots where so easy to make and are a nice addition to my new home office. I’m still working on the last odds and ends of the office but it’s coming along. We ordered a new door this weekend and then it’s just about styling it and then the reveal will happen. To see what I’ve done so far with my home office remodel go here.

I’ve pictured these pink ombre flower pots to go in my office window since the beginning of the remodel, so it was really fun to get this done and see how it looked. I love it and it’s just the right amount of color. Since the office is purposely all white, the color is going to come from the accessorizing. I don’t want to go overboard with color since this is an area that I need to be creative and work. I really need it to be balanced and calm and not too overhwhelming. My mind has enough ideas going on so I don’t want my work space to be too cluttered. I also wanted some greenery to bring life into the space.

These were so easy to make, so let’s get started.

I bought three terracotta flower pots from Lowe’s, I had some spray paint primer already, 3 colors of pink paint, and 3 succulents. For someone who loves to garden and has a pretty good green thumb, I do not have very good luck with succulents, you know, the plants that don’t need anything but a bit of water to thrive, well this girl has killed every single one I’ve planted. I read some info on how to care for succulents and all I can say is that I think I’m too nurturing for these plants, so I’m going to do what the article said and just give them a bit of water every week and leave them alone. We’ll see how I do, but for now they look great.



First I sprayed painted a coat of primer using this…


After they were dry I painted each with about 3 coats of paint, as much as was needed to give each a good coat. It was hot outside so I just did it on my kitchen table using paper grocery bags to protect the table and paper plates to put the wet pots and paint on. I also used sponge brushes because it gave them a smooth finish.

FullSizeRender copy

Here are the paint colors I used. All paint and sponges are from Michaels. They were just the right shades to produce an ombre effect. 1 small bottle each was plenty for this project.


All painted and dry…


Ready to put the plants in (please don’t die)…


Love the way they turned out…





You could do these in any color. Wouldn’t the pink look adorable in a girls nursery? It would also work in an older child’s room, for a boy you could do shades of navy or gray.


They look just the way I wanted them to in my office. The window sills look so much better with this little pop of pink and the succulents are looking good so far.


I don’t want to give too much away of my office until the reveal but here’s a little peak of how cute they look.This was such and easy and inexpensive DIY project. It would also make a great hostess or house-warming gift.

1 more week of summer for my youngest and then it’s back to our busy school schedule. I’m going to miss these long days of summer and having both of my girl’s home, but when they’re back to school, I’m going to be back at this remodel full force.

Thanks for stopping by, hoping your having a great summer too.

photo 3


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