Painting All the Shutters In Our Remodel – It’s not fun but it looks great!!

Sometimes when taking on a remodel there are jobs that are necessary but tedious. Painting all the shutters in our remodel is one of those jobs. Although It’s not fun, it does give great results and is one of those details that really makes a difference in the long run. When we moved into our home 16 years ago, it was a new build and didn’t have any window treatments, we decided to splurge on shutters in most of the main rooms. So we have them in 3 of the bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the family room. I’ve never regretted having them. They are so beautiful and I love the clean lines. I really don’t like too many window treatments, in fact I wish I could just leave the windows as is, but obviously we can’t live in a fishbowl. They’ve also been so nice in my girls rooms because I could easily redecorate as they grew through all the stages of childhood, with just new paint and bedding.

Since we are repainting most of the house with a nice crisp white, the shutters looked a little dull in contrast. I want all the baseboards, crown molding and any other woodwork to be the same color white, allowing the architectural element to speak for itself.

In all areas of the house that are painted white we are using: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White. I used this in our last house and it’s the perfect white if you want something very pure and clean. It’s a real white, white. I also like that it is right off the shelf from Home Depot, which makes it so easy to buy.

The only time that we can take on this project is on the weekend. It has to be done in stages, it’s time-consuming and you need time to let the paint dry in between coats. We also are using our outdoor retreat off our master bedroom as a makeshift paint area which means we can only do one shutter at a time. So this is not a job that is getting done quickly, and has put any fun projects to share on hold.

First we sand the shutter really well and clean it up.


Our Palm trees are great helpers.


Then the shutters get painted one at a time in our makeshift paint area.



Starting in our Master bedroom, these windows overlook our backyard.


Here is the difference between the painted one on the left and the one not painted on the right.


A bit tricky to photograph but I think you can get the picture. It’s so much brighter and fresh and makes the shutters look brand new again.


So that’s what we’ve been working on as we plug away on this remodel of ours. I really love that we are learning so much from projects that we could have hired out. It may take longer but it costs a lot less, and again, it’s pretty great learning new skills.

photo 3


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