Yay, I Got a Bosch Dishwasher!!! And some other fun finds!

I’ve been a little MIA and I apologize. I’ve been battling the flu for almost 2 weeks and it just got the better of me. I could barely find the energy to get through my normal routine and with my girls on summer break, it was family first and then lots of lying on the couch watching old Project Runway episodes. With that said, I miss my blogging and have so much to share, starting with an exciting new purchase for my home remodel.

My husband and I went shopping for a new microwave and realized that since I want my microwave to match my oven, stove and vent, we would have to purchase all of it at once. We weren’t prepared to make that big of a decision without our due diligence, so we bought a dishwasher instead. And honestly, that’s how we roll. We might be going for one thing but end up with another. I’m a big believer in buying something when you see it, if you absolutely love it. My husband has wanted this dishwasher for a long time, which I find so funny, because he normally doesn’t show much interest in these things. We both wanted the Bosch brand, we know lots of people who have this brand dishwasher and they all rave about it. And now I know why, it is so incredibly quiet. It’s sleek and cool and everything I wanted. It’s so beautiful!!! Kitchen appliances just make me so happy.

I went with this model: SilencePlus 44 dBA. We bought it at Pacific Sales, they price match, I got free installation, they took away the old dishwasher and the service was great.

I wanted it to look sleek, unobtrusive and to not compete with the other appliance which will be a different brand. I like that the control panel is not seen, nor is the Bosch name (no need to be flashy, right). I also had the handle switched out for the flat pull instead. Again, I did not want a bunch of different handles all over my kitchen and I also liked that I won’t walk into it, which believe me, I would if it was there. I just love the design and cannot believe how quiet it is; wish I had gone with this years ago. I’m a happy camper, but of course now, I’m itching to get going on the kitchen remodel, which will be a major undertaking.


So I guess you noticed the not so pretty runner in my kitchen. It’s seen better days and although I loved it when I bought it, it’s definitely time for a change. My kitchen is completely designed for the most part and I knew exactly what kind of runners I wanted for either side of my island. I was thrilled when I found them at Rugs USA. I follow them on Instagram and saw that they were having a big sale. I got my beautiful new runners for 70% off at $60 each. What a steal! This is one of those times that you have to buy it when you see it. Even though my kitchen remodel is not in the near future I couldn’t pass these up.

I absolutely love them, they are everything I wanted. I was looking for a rug with a little pink and turquoise without being really over the top and these runners are perfect. Great quality. Really I couldn’t be happier and will be checking this site on a regular basis for future rug purchases.


You might have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram that  I also received my adorable JCrew Factory leopard sandals.  Super cute and I’m glad I got them in white eyelet too. The leopard pair were only $9.99 and the white pair $14.99. Love a good sale.


 I’ve bought a few things for my home office remodel, slowly working on the last odds and ends but I’m getting there. I found this cute little pink pad at Target and my daughter Sage liked it so much I got one for her and also found this trendy little pencil holder/planter there. It was just her style so I surprised her and picked them up. So fun to get something when you’re not expecting it, one of my favorite things to do for my girls.

IMG_4857  IMG_4856

 I had also blogged about these lip glosses that came in this sweet tin from Modcloth. I used this lip gloss in Jr. High, specifically the strawberry flavor and am happy to be using it again. My girls really liked it too, sure would make a great stocking stuffer (yes, I’m already thinking about that).

IMG_4859 Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.56.30 PM

I’m super picky about perfumes and anything scented. I tried this scent from Victoria’s Secret called Very Sexy Now (they also have one called Very Sexy so don’t get them confused). I really, really like it, but I only bought this small travel size which is so cute with the pink tassels but I knew it wouldn’t last long. Sage works at Nordstrom at our local mall so I asked her to stop by VS and pick me up some more but they no longer had any. YIKES. So I went online and they did have it.


Lastly, my girls and I have been using this Coconut Milk Anti-Breaking Serum for our hair. It’s smells like summer and is helpful in protecting our hair from the saltwater and chlorine that we are constantly exposed to in the summer. You can find it at Target or Walmart.


So, even though I’ve been dragging around I do try to stay productive, hope I start feeling better though. I’ve got a really fun food blog planned, all the photos are taken, I’ve just got to get it posted. Look for it, it’s really fun and perfect for the summer.

Hope you’re having a great and healthy summer.

photo 3


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