Inspiration from Little Italy For My Home Remodel

I’m a born and raised California girl, having spent most of my time in Los Angeles, and Orange County but recently I’ve gotten to know San Diego. My oldest daughter Sage goes to school in San Diego, which meant more time there, and since she is a girl who likes to explore, she’s told us about lots of great places to visit. This weekend we decided take a drive down and check out Little Italy. It’s one of Sage’s favorite spots, not only for the delicious food but for the colorful streets that are a great spot for our love of photography. So we grabbed our Nikon’s and off we went.

As you know if you’ve been following my blog, we are in the depths of our home remodel. It’s lots of work and can be quite exhausting, so to keep inspired and motivated I go on photo shoots. For more of these photo shoots go here and here.

Come and see what inspired me on our day trip to Little Italy in San Diego.

As we were walking towards the main street of Little Italy I saw something that always makes me smile. I love the juxtaposition of something urban, like a chain link fence, overwhelmed by nature, in this case the climbing Bougainvillea. It’s the softening by nature of the hardness of a man-made object that I find interesting.


I like capturing the overall view of a place that I’m visiting and then zoom in on the details.


A beautiful sky is always a great backdrop to a photo, and again, I like that idea of nature versus a man-made object.


We happened to be there on a day with perfect weather (not that it’s ever bad) and the view was beautiful. Little Italy is just blocks away from the picturesque bay full of boats.


 We decided to just walk around for a bit before getting lunch.

So many quaint restaurants and bakeries.




There were flowers galore, all over the streets and restaurants. It was so beautiful and I’m always inspired by gardens. I spend time in my own garden everyday. I find that interior design and gardening go hand in hand.



Even the street signs are beautiful.


I really appreciated the flowers on every corner and in all kinds of containers.




From past photography posts you know that I love shooting the same object from different perspectives. Here I’ve taken the same photo, one just a bit more close up then the other.



When Sage goes to Little Italy with her friends they like to take pictures in front of this succulent wall. It is lovely in pictures but even more stunning in real life. It is a great place for a selfie and fun mini photo shoot for Instagram pics.



Another fun photo spot is the big red chair. I’m thankful that my girls still indulge their mother when I make them pose for me. I really have the sweetest daughters and there is nothing I like better than to spend time with them and my husband. Family time is the best gift I can ever get.


After walking around and taking some photos it was time for lunch. My husband and Sage like to eat at Buon Appetitio. He’ll do business in San Diego and usually stops to take Sage to dinner. I love that they have that special time together. They raved about this restaurant and they weren’t kidding, it was so good!!! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find gluten-free options in Little Italy, but this restaurant has gluten-free pasta. I was so happy to get to enjoy a nice meal with my family. The Pasta Primavera is the best, Skye ordered it and had to fight off the rest of us so we wouldn’t eat her leftovers.



I ordered a delicious dish that I can’t remember the name of, but it was: gluten-free pasta, with a pesto sauce, green beans and small slivers of potatoes and pine nuts. Seriously sooooo good!!!


After we ate we walked down the street and were stopped in out tracks by this cute little bakery, but what made us stop was the cool, shades of grey, hexagon floor.



Solunto Baking Co. is super cute and had lots of Italian bake goods, pastries and gelato.




 We continued exploring and there was just one interesting restaurant after another. I like how this picture shows the rows of chairs and the row of lights in the window and the color coordination.


The sun setting behind this building gave a nice shadow in contrast to the bright blue sky.


More beautiful foliage and I couldn’t get enough of that perfect cloud scattered sky.


All over San Diego we noticed beautiful trees that bloomed with these bright yellow flowers. I’ve lived in California my whole life and can’t remember every seeing this tree before. I just fell in love with it.

Doesn’t this make you just want to walk down that sidewalk?!


Here again, I will show you how different perspectives of the same object can give you completely different results.





It was the day before the 4th of July and I thought this restaurant really captured the spirit of the good ‘ol US of A.


Cute garden path and more 4th of July decorations.


This sweet little sitting area in front of this store gives it a nice welcoming touch. Everything in Little Italy is so warm and inviting.


It’s was time to go home and as we walked back to our car I noticed the bikes all lined up. So perfectly symmetrical and I loved the bike wheel sign “Hello San Diego”.


Same shot, different perspective.


That was our lovely day in Little Italy. I felt renewed and inspired. I encourage you to use your own photos in your home. It is such a personal detail and very satisfying to create something special for your home. You don’t have to be a professional, just go out there, be creative and enjoy yourself. I’m sure one or more of these are going up in my home and I’m also working on selling my prints, I ‘ll let you know as soon as I get it up and running, but for now I’ve got my hands full with the girls out of school and this remodel. Thanks for stopping by.

photo 3


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