Refreshing Our Backyard For Summer…Part 5

Let’s get caught up on my backyard refresh. We left off with the patio chairs painted, but the table still needed to be painted (Part 4). We finally got that done, as the weather was cooperating, not so windy, so we rushed to paint it. It’s funny, it’s either been windier than usual or we just don’t notice the breeze that goes on around here all the time. I’m not complaining, it’s that nice ocean breeze that keeps our weather so perfect, it’s just not conducive to spray painting.

Before photos.


The Mister had to MacGyver this part of the table but you can’t even see it, now that it’s  done and it works fine.


Cleaned and then primed the table with this from Home Depot…



All primed…


Painted it this color from Home Depot…


Love it and looks so great with the yellow bistro set and mint green Adirondack chairs.




We also had to paint the new base for the umbrella white, it’s all about the details.


Then just as we felt we were cruising along again on this project we hit a little snag. We get lots of bunnies in our yard and they eat all the flowers and grass so we had a green plastic mesh fence we put up to get them to stay out, but they’re back.

So a new project we had not anticipated was started before the bunnies could cause too much damage.

Old fence which we picked because it was green and not obtrusive to the yard.



But the bunnies outsmarted us and bit right through it, the little stinkers.


So off came the old fence.


And in went the new wire fence that is supposed to be bunny proof from Lowe’s.



So there went that weekend, but that’s how home improvements go sometimes. We were happy it was done and now we could get on with more aesthetically pleasing projects.

Until Monday morning rolled around and who do I see nibbling away at my garden…


Yep, the bunnies are back (please overlook the horrible garden, next on the list). I tried to nicely run him off and realized he couldn’t get out, guess he was in our yard when we put up the fence. Our daughter Skye found that rather hilarious and decided to Snapchat this…


Sometimes you just gotta laugh!!!

 Okay, so we are back on track. Well, not exactly, then another unforeseen and rather unfortunate problem occurred. Remember this adorable pink and white stripped umbrella that started this whole backyard refresh and was the starting point to the whole design, well, it didn’t fit right and looked rather ridiculous: too small and had a weird long pole, it was just all kinds of wrong. I was slightly devastated. I really loved that umbrella.


Off I went to search for another umbrella. If there was plenty of $$$ it wouldn’t be a problem but I’m on a tight budget for this project. I searched and searched and had no luck at all finding another similar umbrella. The color scheme was set and I really wanted pink but I ended up getting mint green umbrellas. They look good and were a great price but the poles were black and I needed white. Yet another spray painting project was in the works.

New umbrellas are from Target (couldn’t find it online to link, but I got it at my local Target).


Painted the pole white to go with the painted umbrella stands.


Painted all white. Arrows are pointing to the next project: replanting all of that area, only keeping my favorite white iceberg roses. Note the plastic on the lawn for further comment.


All done and looking good…


A little glimpse of our summer life: surfboards, wetsuits and penny boards and my sweet little lemon tree in the back.



All the floaties have been blown up and look so adorable in the pool, adding lots more color and loads of fun for my family.


My daughters have always loved to jump in the pool after a day at the beach.


Even though we have a built in gas bar-be-que, my husband and I still prefer using a good old fashioned bar-be-que using charcoal, it just gives the food such nice flavor. We bought a new one at Costco. It’s just the right size and has a real retro vibe to it which goes great with the refresh.



As with any garden we are doing plenty of planting and replanting. As I’ve said before, you have to be in love with your garden because it is constant work but so worth it.



My lemon tree is thriving. I’m going to have plenty of lemons soon…



So it my orange tree…


But oh no, one more sidetrack, when we sprayed the umbrellas we had plastic down on the grass and it was pretty hot, so we were left with this burnt grass…


Hopefully, we won’t have to replace it, my husband has mad lawn skills, we always have a beautiful lawn, so hopefully he can work some magic here.

Again, you gotta laugh!!!

That gets you all caught up, if you’d like to see Part 1 – 4 of this refresh just use the Search tool. We’ve done so much but there is still so much to do. My vision for this space is starting to really come together. I’ll be adding all the fun accessories and then I’ll be able to show some more completed pictures so you can see the transformation. Glad you’re following along, it keeps me motivated because this project is definitely going slow but steady.

Also, still working on my home office remodel, finding the last little odds and ends but it’s looking sooooooo great and I’m excited to have a proper work space. My guest bath has been completed since February and I know I owe you the reveal on that, I’m still looking for the final details but you’re gonna love it.

photo 3


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