My Home Office Remodel – Getting The Basics Done

I’m finally getting back to finishing my home office remodel. I was moving along pretty quickly but then hit a snag when ordering the glass desk and counter top. Our usual glass company was, how shall I put this, kinda jerks to deal with. Even though they did a good job in the past for me, it just wasn’t worth dealing with their less then wonderful personalities again, so I set off to find a new glass company which put the project on hold. I finally found a company that was local and was a pleasure to deal with and everything went smoothly. So with the glass installed I can finally show you that the basics are done and now the fun begins where I get to put it all together and style it.

For a recap and before shots go to my post here. I was trying to knock this project out quickly but since it wasn’t, I tried not to get frustrated when things don’t go as plan, I started a new project while waiting to keep our remodel moving along.

So here’s what had been done so far:

  • crown molding
  • base boards
  • window casing
  • all can lighting changed to LED lighting
  • dimmer light switches installed

 About half of the basics had been done and now they have all been done. Here’s what is now completed.

This room is challenging to photograph and I definitely can’t get the whole room in one shot. This is the view if you’re entering from my kitchen and the door leads to my laundry room. See the laundry room reveal here. The door is also going to be changed out to this. The new door will make the room seem more spacious and also you’ll be able to see that the laundry room is there, otherwise I feel like the space is closed off and it looks like it leads to the garage. Hopefully all the flooring will be replaced, the floors are in great condition, I just don’t like the color and have something else in mind, but for know they’re fine.


First my husband painted all the walls, ceiling, woodwork and cabinets a bright white. After much deliberation on the subject, we went back to an old favorite, Behr Ultra Pure White from Home Depot, it’s right off the shelf which makes it so easy. We’ve used this color in a couple of our houses and I love how nice and bright it is and is just a real “pure white” with no undertones. In some of the photos it’s hard to see how nice and bright it is due to the lighting, the photos that are brighter are a better representation of the true color.





To protect and easily clean the new counter and desk top, we added the glass top mentioned earlier. We did all the measuring and installation to save $$.


Clear synthetic tabs were put under the glass to keep it from moving and to lift it a bit from the painted top. I would recommend doing this anytime you have a glass top.



Upper cabinets.


Upper cabinets and crown molding.


It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to brighten up a space and make it look brand new.

Across from the cabinet area is the desk and windows. This space gets lots of light especially in the early hours of the day. It’s going to be a wonderful place to work. The glass top makes a big difference, I won’t have to be so careful since everything will wipe right off.




The bamboo woven shades are from Lowe’s. They have them on site, you just bring in the measurements and they cut them to fit. They are very easy to hang and you can adjust the length when you get home. They are nicely lined, a fraction of the price of other similar shades we’ve bought in the past and the quality was just as good. Find them here.


Shades and woodwork.


 I was searching for cabinet knobs see my post here. Originally I was looking for acrylic knobs with gold accent but then I found these at Target and they were perfect. The faux marble and gold accent were exactly right for the project and at a GREAT price.





I wanted to add some floating shelves and found these at Target. They only came in a natural wood which I considered keeping but I really wanted the objects on the shelf to demand the attention and I like the white shelves blending into the wall so the color of the objects sitting on the selves will shine.




So there you have it, all the basics of the room are done.

Here’s the completed list:

  • crown molding installed
  • base boards installed
  • window casing installed
  • all can lighting changed to LED lighting
  • dimmer light switches installed
  • walls and ceiling painted
  • crown molding painted
  • window casing painted
  • base boards painted
  • blinds installed
  • new knobs installed
  • floating shelves painted and installed
  • glass tops installed

Now the fun begins. I’ve already started putting the room together, but still have a few odds and ends to buy for the desk top and shelves. We also have to order the door which I’m hoping to do this weekend. When this room is done, I’ll have a whole section (a rather small section, but still) of my home remodel done…yippee!!!

Have a great weekend.

photo 3


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