Finding Interior Design Inspiration from Balboa Island

I like to find design inspiration from many places. One way, is to take my camera out and just start shooting. This past Sunday, since my daughters were both home at the same time (miracle), we decided to have an impromptu family day and go to Balboa Island. It’s one of our favorite places to visit, my husband and I have been taking our daughters to Balboa their whole lives. It’s a lovely place to walk around and enjoy the beautiful homes and boats. You can take the ferry across the bay and go to the beach, ride the Ferris Wheel or go out to lunch. That’s exactly what we did and had such a lovely day, its low-key, relaxing and close to home. I brought my trusty Nikon with me and enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of my lens. It gives me a different perspective and lets me see things I might have missed without it. This creative process always inspires me in my design choices and decisions. The architecture of the houses, the colors of the flowers, the boats calmly waiting for their next adventure, or the rippling water of the bay, stir up my imagination and the creative juices start to flow. I get home with a new zest for my home remodel and continue my growth in interior design.

This time with my family is priceless, there is nothing I love more than the time I spend with my girls and my husband. My daughters are young ladies now and this opportunity to be, just the four of us, may not happen for long. Although the idea of our family growing is a lovely thought, our little family will never be the same, and so I will cherish these moments. Since these outings are special to me it only enhances the inspiration that will reflect onto the creativity that leads me through my interior design process.

With that said, I’d love to share my photos and thoughts.

Taking the ferry across the bay is my favorite party of the day, it’s 5 minutes across the bay but it’s relaxing and fun. This view as your coming to the other side is the essence of summer with the water, palm trees and Ferris Wheel.


Looking at things from different perspectives, like the angle of this shot.

DSC_3437 copy

More views of the same Ferris Wheel.


I’m a big believer in putting your own photos into your interior designs for you home. It adds a personal touch and gives you lots of satisfaction and pride in your home. I’m an avid art lover, but I enjoy my own photos just as much.


The view of the lovely homes that line the bay. How amazing to wake up to this view!!!



For my husband” the boat lover”, this shot is going to look great in his home office remodel that we will be starting in the near future.


Try looking at things from different angles to get a unique perspective.


Loving all the private docks.


All of the photos shown, are original and have not been photoshopped or had a filter added in any way. I’m a big fan of natural photography, otherwise to me it seems like you’re cheating.



I absolutely love living in Southern California, and these photos are exactly why.


Walking along the row of houses on the bay, there are plenty of gardens to enjoy. Really liked the flowers peeking through the miniature picket fence.



The colors on this fruit stand were so pretty and who doesn’t love a chocolate covered strawberry?!


My love of  architecture runs a close second to my love of design. There are so many houses to enjoy along the main street lining the bay and also the many quaint side streets.

The many windows and clean lines of this house are beautiful.



So many homes with lovely little gardens, I was absolutely inspired.



I have a love for flower photography. I’m drawn to it and am moved by natures beautiful colors. The photo below is one of my favorites of the day.


This brick walkway!!!!


White fences get me every time. This home is so manicured and well-kept, really sweet.


Such breathtaking views these homes have.


Who wouldn’t want to live on a street named Turquoise Avenue?!  Notice the “no skateboarding” sign, it’s all over the area that I live, but I always hope someone will skateboard because it brings back so many memories of when I was a kid.



Lots more beautiful, bright, colorful gardens. I garden almost everyday, honestly I could fill up my home with flowers inside and out, I love them so.



This is one of the few homes that has a bit of a front yard. I would have so much fun making this  garden full of flowers.



Every single house, has adorable front doors and lots of potted flowers and plants. It is the cutest neighborhood.


One of the side streets.


This is definitely one of my favorite houses, it looks like it was dropped out of New Orleans and is kept so pristine. The large upper balcony and lower garden are heaven.


The house also has an attached apartment on the side of the house that has its own cute entrance which I wish I would have gotten a picture of.


This is one of the larger homes in the area.


I like how they cut out large areas in the grass to add the flowers, really pretty.



Two perspectives of the same porch. See what a difference it makes just shooting horizontal or vertical.



More beautiful color.


Lots of fun shopping.


Capturing the town vibe.

Anyone see “Arrested Development”?


This was right before Flag Day, so lots of American flags, which just added to the quaintness of this community.



I’m crazy about these beach shots. Lots of tourists, very different from the beaches in our community which are mostly full of locals and surfers.


Last but not least, if there’s a candy store we’re going to find it. We can’t be at the beach without some salt water taffy.



Candy stores just bring out the kid in me!!!



When I was a kid it was a BIG deal to get candy cigarettes, we especially liked the ones with the gum. I know it’s not politically correct anymore to see a kid trying to smoke and I would never smoke because I think it’s gross, but it does bring back lots of memories.

So for nostalgia’s sake, here’s a picture of my mother, my four sisters and I (I’m the youngest with the mischievous smirk), and next to me is my sister Dinky puffing away on her candy cigarette. Ohhhhh, the 60’s!!! Missing in the photo is my younger brother, probably trying to get away from all the crazy women in the house.


As a designer, photographer, gardener and even for my love of cooking, days like these inspire me. The artist in me needs to me awakened and this is the way I do it. I’m looking forward to incorporating some of these new photos into my home remodel, I’ll also be selling prints soon, I’m hoping sometime this year or the beginning of next year. For more of my photography inspiration go to my post here, where we visited one of my favorite museums: the LACMA.

photo 3


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