DIY S’more Station For The True S’more Lover


Ahhhhhh, the ooey gooey goodness of a hot off the fire s’more. There is nothing more summery, then a day out in the sun swimming and then finishing it off with an evening fire and making s’mores. When I was growing up, making s’mores was a special treat that I only got to have when camping out with my girl scout troop or having a beach bonfire.  I don’t remember ever making them at home. With my family, s’mores have become a yearlong treat, one we enjoy whenever our sweet tooth is craving this decadent, yet simple dessert. When at home we make the marshmallows over our fire pit and have even been known to make them on our stove or of course, out on the beach over a bonfire.

To make this treat accessible and easy, I have the cutest little DIY S’more Station, that you can grab anytime to satisfy your s’more craving. As you know, I’m also preparing to refresh my pantry and this little guy is going to look great in there, and be one more way to keep my pantry organized. This is a very easy and inexpensive project and I think it turned out great!!


All you need: a small tub, 3 containers, paper plates, paper napkins, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers and skewers.



We use these longer stainless steel skewers for outside and smaller wood ones (not shown) when we cheat and do them on the stove. You can find both at any grocery store.


All containers and paper products I purchased at Target, link is listed below:

White Tub

Plastic Container with Mint Colored Lid

 Paper Plates


A closer look at the containers…




This is so easy to put together and didn’t take long.

First I put the graham crackers in the container. The Honey Maid brand sells them in individual packs so you don’t even need to break them a part.


Then I did the same for the Hershey’s Chocolate, breaking each bar in half.


I also cut up some parchment paper to go between each layer, just in case the chocolate melted at all or stuck together, you don’t really need to do this but I thought it looked nice too (remember I’m all about the details).


And then the marshmallows…



The containers fit perfectly in the white tub.



I added the coordinating paper plates and some white napkins in the back and the skewers in the front. The napkins I used had a cute shell motif embossed on them that go nicely with our summer theme.




Just for a visual effect I added a bright polka dot bow tied on the side which coordinates beautifully with my colorful Backyard Refresh.



I love it and my family does too. We’re going to enjoy every minute this summer.


Pink and white beach towel from Costco.







If you’ve been following along with the Refreshing Our Backyard For Summer Series, I’ll be posting an update later this week. We’ve had some wind and some marine layer days that made it too hard to complete some of the painting projects but we finally got those done today. I’m glad to be seeing more progress and can’t wait to share. Also, I’m moving along on my Home Office Project and will be sharing that post soon too. Lot’s going on with our remodel.

photo 3


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