More On My Laundry Room Reveal – Keeping It Organized

In yesterday’s blog post you got to see my complete laundry room reveal. I touched upon how much time I spend in that room, and if you’re a mom you know that’s no joke. I do laundry every single day; there is ALWAYS laundry to do.  My pretty laundry room has made this chore much more bearable and even enjoyable. I’ve also mentioned in the past that I am a bit of a neat freak and like things super organized. I even took on the KonMari Method, more on that here. Every time I write that I feel I must put a disclaimer for those who grew up with me: yes this is different from the teenager you knew who used her floor as a closet, but in my defense I was a busy girl and eventually it got cleaned up because I would run out of clothes. Even back then, in my not so neat freak days, I would still take time every so often to organize and when I did I felt so much better. Living in an organized and clean space does wonders for your psyche. Now a disclaimer for my family: I know I can get a bit over the top about organizing and cleaning but tell me that it doesn’t make your life better?!

So now that you know all my little secrets, I want to show you how I organized my laundry room to make it super efficient. So I’m giving you all permission to be looky-loos and go through my cabinets and drawers.

Here is the cabinet above the sink area. On the bottom I’ve organized all my laundry detergents, bleaches, and stain removers. The grey plastic bins are from Target and keep everything in order and match the color of the laundry room. They also pop quite nicely against the white. This is an effective way to bunch things together or just keep smaller items together. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I keep the dryer sheets in the glass container.



The cabinets to the right  I keep all my cleaning supplies. It’s nice to have this organized so I know when I need to buy more. I try to buy as much cleaning supplies as possible at Costco because you get the most bang for your buck, and as you can see I kinda like to clean, okay I don’t really LIKE to clean but like things to BE clean. Hence the overload of cleaning products. More of the grey storage bins on the top shelf.



 Everyone has a junk drawer but even this I like organized. I put in some plastic dividers which you can get at Walmart or Target and that really helped to get things under control. For all the really small items, I gathered them together in sandwich bags, so I can see what it is and also keep them from getting all over the place.



Below the drawer is more cabinet space. On the top shelf I have a good old-fashioned sewing basket. I’ve had it for years and rarely need to use it but when I do need to sew on a button or mend something, everything needed is right there. I also keep my iron, extra trash bags and a clothes steamer.


On the bottom shelf I have these grey and white weaved baskets that are also from Target that I keep all my cleaning rags in, there are four of those because I have way too many cleaning rags.


Underneath the sink, I have a large bags full of other large and small bags that I’ve accumulated from shopping. I use these as needed for whatever. There is another basket with a tape runner and extra tape, more cleaning supplies that were too tall for the cabinets, and my cleaning bucket that makes it  so much easier to clean when everything is all together and easy to carry.


Since I do so much laundry I needed a place to organize it but also to be able to move it around so I could get out the garage door. I found the perfect solution with this laundry organizer on wheels that has 3 separate compartments for clothes and a drying and hanging rack. I love this thing and got it at One Kings Lane. To find something similar try One Kings Lane, or Joss and Main, they usually have things like this.


Although I don’t use white plastic hangers anymore in our closets they are nice to hang wet clothes to dry, so I keep them on the rack.


The best part is the laundry organizer fits perfectly in the area in front of the garage door.



You’ve got to have a trash can, so to keep with my industrial look, I found this at Target, for a similar one go here,  but they also have them at




Well, I must admit I’m feeling a bit exposed but I hope that helps with some organizing ideas and just to maybe inspire you to make your laundry room a place of beauty, since it’s a chore we all must do. It sure makes me happy to be this organized.

photo 3


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