Memorial Day Block Party Ideas That You Can Use For Your Next Summer Bash

My last blog post was all about preparing for our upcoming block party, to celebrate Memorial Day and to kick off summer, so I wanted to follow-up with what I ended up doing. We are so lucky to live on a street with the most wonderful neighbors. All of our kids have grown up together and we’ve had lots of block parties over the years, it’s become a nice tradition to look forward to and with everyone’s busy schedules it’s lovely to get a chance to catch up. This block party was a bit different because most of the kids are grown, so it actually gave the parents time to chat and just hang out and enjoy some good food and company. It was very relaxing and I think we were all realizing how wonderful it has been to live on such a street and the connection we all have to each other from it.

I’ve always been one to enjoy a good party and like to go all out for our celebrations, honestly I can’t help myself, I get so much enjoyment out of it. It’s a great creative outlet for me and I really want the people I love to know that I love them, and this is how I do it. My husband calls me a “mom to everyone” and I guess he’s right. I think cooking and creating memories are the best way to show love, at least for me. We all have things we are good at and this is one of the things I’m just naturally drawn to do.

 We had a taco truck coming (which was AWESOME!!!), so we had to just bring, sides, drinks and desserts. I had so much fun putting this together but I did run short on time, even so I managed to pull it all together. I went with an All American theme to honor all the people who died serving our country, which is what Memorial Day is all about. So let’s get started.

Here’s everything I made, prepped and ready to be taken outside.

I made two Fruit Flags, some individual cut veggies with hummus, candy dipped Oreos, chips and onion dip, a jar of red, white and blue M&M’s, and cupcakes.


To the right are the floral arrangements I made, and the red gingham tablecloth is in the front, which I got from Walmart for under $5.



The cupcakes and second Fruit Flag are to the left of this picture.


Fruit Flag directions here.


Candy Dipped Oreos directions here. I looked all over for red, white and blue sprinkles but couldn’t find them anywhere so I improvised and did these red sprinkle ones and the dot sprinkles. I was really in a rush to make these but they came out fine, normally I would have taken my time though because they are fun to make. The galvanized steel tray is from Walmart. It was a perfect serving tray for the cookies and cupcakes, went with my All American theme and was quite the bargain for under $8.


Another of the trays with the cupcakes.


I really liked these individual veggie cups with the Hummus on the bottom for dipping. I’m sure I’ll make these again but next time I think I’ll only use carrots and celery just to make it easier and most people like those. This time I used carrots, celery and red, yellow and orange peppers. The galvanized steel tub is also from Walmart.


The floral arrangements I made by using two different sizes of mason jars. I wrapped jute around the top and knotted it, added white daisies, and red Gerbera daisies and then added the small flags. Super cute!!!





The mason jars and flags I had, the jute rope is from Walmart and the flowers I got at my local Ralph’s grocery store.


Now it was time to take everything down the street and start having some fun.

Everyone just put out tables side by side and one of my neighbors was gracious enough to have us all hang out on their lawn.



We also had someone come and make Tacos and they were so awesome, they even had vegan beans, so you could go vegan or vegetarian if you wanted. I got his card since we’ll be having a graduation party next year (yikes, can’t even stand thinking about my baby graduating high school).


We put the drinks in a cooler and went with water, Hansen’s Kiwi Strawberry Soda and good ‘ol A&W Root Beer (which I thought was fun in the old-fashioned bottles).


The cute little paper plates that just happened to go perfectly, I got from Costco.



The star bowls I already owned but are from Kohl’s and the red and blue bowls with the chip and dip are from Walmart.



The glass jar with the M&M’s you can find at Walmart or Target and they always sell them. I put a scoop in for people to help themselves.






After I set up the table, my neighbors were so sweet. They really appreciated it and were taking pictures and calling me Martha Stewart, which is the best compliment,  I mean who does it better than her.

I hope this gives you some ideas for upcoming holidays and parties. As you can see nothing was very expensive but it ended up looking like a million bucks, if I do say so myself.

Let the summer fun begin!!!

photo 2


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