It’s All In The Details

Although I’m thrilled to be working on my home remodel, there are times it can feel slightly overwhelming to have so much going on. When I’m feeling like I need to take a break but still want to be productive, I’ll concentrate on some smaller projects, and I mean really simple, easy projects. So this weekend as my husband continued to paint some furniture for our backyard refresh (to learn more about that project go to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), I worked on some smaller but still important projects.

I’m also a big believer that the details really matter. Sometimes those smaller details can make or break a beautiful space, be it indoor or out. My husband actually makes fun of me for being so detailed oriented, honestly it use to drive him a bit nuts but now that he enjoys the fruits of my labor, he just goes along with all my craziness.

Here’s what I worked on this weekend, my small but mighty projects.

And as with most projects, it’s starts with a trip to Home Depot…


 It’s no secret that I love to garden and I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately. I find so much pleasure in a home that is surrounded by beautiful blooms, leafy trees, and green grass. I have a small area that is on the corner of my home that leads to my side yard. It shares the space with my lovely Bougainvillea that grows around my garage. It’s a little space but it really is pretty when it has blooming flowers. I change this space out as needed and usually try different flowers for different seasons. I just pulled out the Pansies that I had there and was looking to plant something larger rather that just filling it with tiny blooms. I’ve been really into Hydrangeas lately and again, no secret I love pink, so that’s what I got.


I only needed three Hydrangea plants to fill the small area. After pulling out the old flowers, I  prepared the soil before replanting. Miracle Gro is my go to soil, I’ve tried others but really feel like the extra $$ spent on Miracle Gro is well worth it.

Here they are all planted. It didn’t take long and I’m excited to see how these do in this spot.


Hydrangeas are so beautiful in vases, I’m hoping these bloom a lot so I can make some lovely arrangements for my home.


Here you can see the Bougainvillea and my lovely rain spout (haha).

Like I said, it’s a small space but that little pop of color really adds to the curb appeal of my house.


Right by this spot is where I have some beautiful roses planted. This one was blooming so I thought I’d share.


This is exactly why I love to garden!!! Garden’s just bring a home to life!!!

The color is amazing!!!


Next I planted some Impatiens. I plant a LOT of Impatiens all year round, they do really well in our climate and I like that you can cut them back and they regrow so easily.

I only needed one little 8 pack. I always plant the small size of these and plant them really close together because they grow so easily.


I just needed these two little planters done to go on my bistro table in my courtyard. The larger planter with Impatiens was already done.



I moved on to some houseplants. I’ve had these two bowls and knew I wanted to plant some succulents in them.


The white bowl is from Target and came in a pack of three nesting bowls, I looked online but could not find them anymore which is too bad because I really like them. The blue bowl is from Homegoods.


I knew exactly where the blue bowl was going but still haven’t decided where the white bowl will go. Don’t they look cute?!


The perfect touch for the guest bath shower that we just remodeled. Since this shower rarely gets used, I decided a plant would be the perfect touch for the niche that would normally hold shower stuff. You can see how the windows look at night with the new window film.


The bathroom is almost ready for the reveal, I just have a few more touches to do.

Always moving forward with this remodel even if its tiny steps.

photo 2


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