The Honeymoon House

On my last blog post I mentioned the home in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Magazine that got me so interested in blue and white vases/ginger jars. I’d never seen an issue of this magazine and I can’t even remember what brought me to it but I saw this house and was captivated. It is a real stunner.

Owner and designer Jimmy Stanton lives in Madison, Georgia in a 1831 Greek Revival manse that he calls “Honeymoon”. Just the name alone is so romantic and conjures up only the sweetest of images. I immediately fell in love with everything about it, but I think mostly what draws me to this home and homes similar to it, is the designers amazing ability to make a home timeless. You would not walk into this house and be able to pinpoint the year it was decorated. I’m a HUGE fan of that. It’s quite a talent to be able to pull that off. For more background information on this home go the article Land Of Plenty but for now lets take a closer look.

All photos from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Magazine.

Beautiful and regal, this home has stunning curb appeal. You won’t find many homes, if any, like this in my neck of the woods: Orange County, California. It takes you back to another era and yet still has a modern edge to it.


The classic white with black trim is one of my favorite color combinations, you can’t go wrong. The landscaping really brings a modern flair with it’s streamline simplicity. Loving the planters lining the stairs.


This is my favorite touch: the door knocker. I really love the name of this home, so romantic. I’m thinking we need to name our Spanish style home, a few years ago I would have said “casa hormones” but now that my girls are older maybe “casa peaceful at last” (you know I love you girls!)


 Who wouldn’t want to take a nap here? Hammock heaven!


In my next home I want a pool area just like this. Perfectly simplistic in design, which is all you need to enjoy a day by the pool. The cement surround and lots of lawn is everything!!! Isn’t this picture so pretty, even the clouds participated?!


The casual living room with it’s moody dark walls, classic furnishing, gold fixtures and graphic rug is so inviting to me. I want to curl up with a book and a blanket and read for hours. And we all know how I feel how the mantle (here).


A closer look at the mantle…


Another view of the same room. How great is that lamp!!!!


Another dark toned room. The wallpaper is gorgeous!!! I’m a big wallpaper fan. Loving the marble top and classic features.


The master bedroom is a great example of the timelessness of this home. You could never pinpoint when this was originally decorated. The classic bed, with the modern chairs is the perfect juxtaposition of design. The chandelier is beautiful and the whole room has a masculine vibe but with just the right amount of softness.


This is the other more formal living room. What don’t I like about this room. The green couch, ummmmm yes, the modern coffee table, ikat rug, even the vase with the flowers is all lovely.


This entry is the best of the best. First of all the size alone is fantastic. That color on the walls is gorgeous with the warmth of the wood tones. Most of the house adds modern flair using graphic rugs. I really love how you can see up the grand staircase and through to the back room. I also have a black hutch with white dinning ware so I’m partial to this feature. The light fixture!!! This house is a great example of how every detail counts in design.


 Again this house has more beautiful, rich colors on the walls. They really got the colors right in this house. I also like how they have painted all the moldings the same color as the walls. This detail alone has brought this home into the 21st century. I’m over the moon about this house.


For more pictures and information on this fabulous home, check out  Atlanta Home & Lifestyle Magazine (linked above). They also have a great Instagram account.

photo 2


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