My Blue and White Vase and Ginger Jar Obsession

I’m a little obsessed right now with blue and white vases and ginger jars.  I don’t care if they are porcelain or ceramic, expensive or not. I just like them. They are timeless, classic pieces that work in almost any decor style. I think they are a great investment if you want to go high-end, even if you change your decor styles over the years, these timeless pieces will work. I especially like them shown in a collection. I’m starting my own collection for the mantel in my family room. Mantels can be a real statement piece in a room, done correctly it can be a room’s showstopper, done incorrectly and it can make the focal point of a room look awkward.

Here’s the photo that got me really thinking about using vases as mantel decor


This photo from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles just tickled my fancy. I’m crazy about this room. This is a very traditional home, with lots of traditional elements but they managed to bring in a modern twist without jeopardizing the character of the home. I love the juxtaposition of this room, I’m such a fan of that in decor. Every element of this room is pure perfection, from the dark walls with the contrasting white fireplace, those brilliant gold light fixtures, geographic rug, and traditional clean line furniture. I was drawn to the styling of this room too, it was a nice mix of organic, modern and traditional. Not overly cluttered but warm. What really bowled me over was the mantle: the large ginger jars at either end and the foo dogs in the middle. I love me some foo dogs too (another classic detail for any room). For whatever reason this room hit a nerve (in a good way) and called me to redesign my own family room mantle.

Here’s a closer look…


As you can see, it’s pretty simple in it’s styling and I’m not even sure those ginger jars are blue and white or black and white, but I’m going with the blue and white. I’ll be discussing this beautiful home on my next blog post because I just have to share this exquisite home. For now lets take a look at some beautiful ways to display blue and white vases and ginger jars.

Simply used as a vase with lots of greens and flowers. How lovely is this against the marble and white brick style tile…


via Pinterest

 Shown here in a very traditional setting: a large collection atop a lovely antique chest…

The large vase on either end of the mantle and simple blue and white bowls lined up, make for an impactful display…


Carrier and Company – The World of Interiors


I guess you could say I’m really loving the look of large vases or ginger jars at either end of a mantle. It makes such an impact, drawing your eye to the fireplace without being overdone or too busy…


Carrier and Company


What a stunning way to display flowers in this entry…


Michael Smith – Elle Decor

How GREAT is this hot pink dresser with the cluster of vases and jars. The styling on this is impeccable.



Nicely used to display cooking utensils and storage…



Great vignette using a combination of blue and white ginger jars and plates. This is so stunning with the gorgeous woodwork on the walls, gold accents and the more organic tones from the dresser and potted plants. Really pretty…


via Cathy Kincaid

I’ve started my own collection of blue and white vases and ginger jars. I’ve had great luck finding them at Homegoods, Joss and Main and One Kings Lane.

Here are the ones I have so far. The smaller ginger jar (Art Deco style) is going in another part of the house but I think the other two will eventually end up on the family room mantle as I grow my collection.


Come by tomorrow and see the amazing home from Atlanta Homes Magazine I mentioned earlier, it’s a real stunner.

photo 2


7 thoughts on “My Blue and White Vase and Ginger Jar Obsession

    • Avenue of Joy says:

      Yes, definitely check them out. You might have to go a few times because it’s hit or miss. I’m always on the look out too. Nice to meet another fan of the blue and white vases and ginger jars. Thanks for stopping by the blog. 🙂

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