Refreshing Our Backyard For Summer…Part 2

I’ve been continuing to work on our backyard, trying hard to get it ready before both of my daughters are out of school for the summer. My oldest, Sage, is done with her Sophomore year at college (still can’t believe it) at the end of the week, but is heading to Boston for a small vacation before coming home, and my youngest, Skye, is a Junior in High School and still has a few more weeks to go. That doesn’t leave much time to get done with my to-do list, but I’m gonna do it!!!

We started on the bistro set and got the primer done last week (check out Part 1 of this project here), so this weekend we got to the fun part; putting on the color. When I say “we”, I mean mostly my sweet husband, he sure can get the painting done a lot faster than me, and I swear I don’t go slower on purpose (insert winky face here).

Before I go any further let me just say, that my design for the outside of my home is a little like a mullet: serious in the front and party in the back. This backyard design is going to be fun and colorful and really celebrate the Spanish Architecture that I love so much. I’m playing off of the painted Spanish tiles that run throughout my backyard and pool and also adding a little pizzazz of color to compliment the electric blue tile of the pool. I’m really excited about this design.

So let me share what we got done this week.

First we started with applying the color to the already primed bistro set.

We used the color below, that we got from Home Depot. Lowe’s did not carry this color and Home Depot also had a much larger and varied selection in our area. Yellows can be kind of tricky, I didn’t want it to be “safety tape” yellow or too pastel, this was just right and I like that it has a matte finish.


 We covered the grass area with a plastic drop cloth and got to work. I immediately was smitten with the color. I love the feeling I get when I see my vision come to life. There is a lot of dreaming and planning that goes on before I actually get started on projects, so the moment it gets going is like Christmas morning to me. I think my husband is finally getting that, and is actually starting to enjoy these projects as he sees me light up with excitement. Ain’t love grand!!!

My first glimpse of what was to come…loving!!!


One chair done…



First coats done, one more to do.


2 coats of yellow were applied and here is the finished project. We left the umbrella stand white because the umbrella pole is white. I can’t wait to show you how this is going to look with the umbrella and the table styled a bit, but you’ll have to see that in the reveal.



A closer look.


I really love this bistro set. The style is classic and it’s so incredible sturdy. My husband really like the color and felt it gave the set a retro vibe. Oh my gosh, am I rubbing off on my husband, he knows what a retro vibe is!!! And he was right, it does give it a kind of 60’s, 70’s vibe.


I’ve been looking for cushions but haven’t had much luck finding anything I like. Sage suggested Etsy so I think I’ll give that a try. Any suggestions, please let me know in the comments section.

When I was taking the pictures for this post this morning. The sun was coming up and there was a bit of fog hanging around and it looked so pretty. I got this shot so I thought I’d share it with you.

There is something about rays of sunlight that is just so heavenly to me.


The tiled deck area I’ll be getting to, but you got a little glimpse. The mint green Adirondack chairs are part of the refresh but I’ll get to those at a later post.

Since I had the yellow spray paint out I decided to get to another little project. I’m changing the look quite a bit in the backyard, so much of what I already have will need to be changed. I had these black and white planters by my back french doors and decided to go ahead and add a little color to them.

Here’s what I had there before. Very pretty and I really like it but the black is not going to go so much with the refresh. The mats get replaced about every few months to go with the seasons and honestly that’s about all they last. I usually get them at Target, the one shown is from there.


First I cleaned the pots.


Then I prepped them for paint by covering the white lip of the pot as I wanted it to stay white.


Gave them a couple of coats of yellow. I got a bit overzealous and the paint ran a bit, but it was really not noticeable when all was said and done, especially at floor level.


All finished.


This is the look I’m going for bright, fun and screaming of summer and sunshine!!!


I can’t believe what a difference this is already making and I’ll we’ve done is use some spray paint.


Can’t wait to keep sharing our progress. Thanks for stopping by.

photo 2


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