Making An Impression With My Love of Design

I have a courtyard garden in the front of my house. You enter through a wrought iron gate that leads you through a small courtyard to my front door. It’s my favorite spot in the house. I can sit out there for long periods of time listening to the water in my fountain trickle down and sit on the swing, just thinking, dreaming, praying or relaxing. There is something very soothing about this space, it’s my spot in the world that brings me peace and solitude. I have lots of potted plants and a small garden under the fountain, I maintain it meticulously. Every other day, or sometimes daily depending on the weather, I take the time to water and maintain the plants and hose down the whole area keeping it as fresh and pretty as I can. What I enjoy the most though, is that this rather simple job brings me so much pleasure. Since there is not a lot of thinking required to do it, it’s a chance to let my mind wander or think through anything that I have going on. It’s become therapeutic to me. This is one job in my home that I actually look forward to doing, I cannot say the same about doing the dishes.


Welcome to my courtyard.



The bright, beautiful blooming Bougainvillea by the courtyard gate.


Lately, as you can probably tell by my blog posts being less than regular, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with this home remodel and just general family commitments. I am a wife and mom first and foremost and that will always be my priority. With that said, my time spent taking care of my courtyard has actually been a welcome time to take a deep breath and still get something productive done. As I was watering the plants the other day I was thinking about whether or not my daughters really noticed what I do to make our home a place that is a sanctuary for our family. A place to be safe when the world gets a bit crazy, where you can unwind, know that there is always food to eat, a hug to be had and just a general feeling of LOVE.

But do they know how often I’m out here taking care of this courtyard, do they even notice it as they walk through it to get to the front door? Does my husband know that the garden does not just happen on its own but that I pulled off all the wilted flowers and replanted when a plant starts to die? I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as they feel that this is HOME, and as Dorothy so perfectly said “There’s no place like home”.


garden blooms

Still, I would like to think that I’ve influenced my daughters to build a place of their own someday. To have it be a natural thing for them to cut flowers from the garden to put on bedside tables, bathroom vanities and tabletops, to keep things organized and clean, to always be improving the space that they call home, not to impress anyone but to enjoy and have a place that brings them contentment, comfort and peace.

That same day that I was contemplating all of this, I actually took the time to sit down and read one of my decorating magazines. To tell you how often I get to do that, it was the March, House Beautiful issue that came out in February and I was reading it in April (better late than never,right?). I came across an article by designer Charlotte Moss and to my surprise she addressed this very thought.  In her article “Beautiful Beginnings” she states:

“I grew up observing a mother who was always improving things. Whether she was wallpapering a bathroom, embroidering hand towels, or weeding the garden. I could detect the resulting differences-feel her joyfulness and exhilaration in the results. When you’re brought up in a home where beautiful things are appreciated, it encourages your own lifelong pursuit.”

 Well thank you Miss Moss for sharing that, as it makes me feel like all that I do is somehow impressing upon my daughters a sense of home, creativity, beauty and love.

I started this blog for many reasons but one of them was to share my love of design and have a place to be creative with my passions for design, fashion, food, gardening, family, and photography. Not only do I hope to bring something to my family but I’d be thrilled if I in any way inspire any of you.

I didn’t show many photos of the courtyard because this too is getting a refresh with this home remodel of ours. It’s looking really lovely and although it will always be a place of change, I will share it with you fairly soon as there are just a few more things to purchase before I want to reveal.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

photo 3


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