DIY Spring Centerpiece Using Lettuce Leaves And A Few Other DIY Ideas For Spring


Spring has officially sprung and that makes me a happy girl. Even though Southern California is warm most of the year I still get the winter blues and look forward to the more consistent days of sunshine. Spring is also a big birthday time in my family. My husband, both my daughters and a few other family members have their birthdays and of course, Easter falls in there too.

This year was particularly busy because we had Easter and then the next day was my oldest daughters birthday, that meant lots of party planning for me. Luckily my sister Dinky hosts Easter but it is a 2 hour drive from my house (one way) with holiday traffic, which means we must leave bright and early to get there by noon. We also make it a point to go to the evening Easter service at our church the night before. We always look forward to Easter at my sister’s, she has a beautiful home with acres of land and her family goes all out to make it special for everyone. There’s amazing food, ATV rides, tree swings, a trampoline and the annual silly string fight that the kids really love. This year was no exception, the weather was gorgeous and a fun day was had by all.


Beautiful view and part of my sisters gorgeous home.



Annual silly string fight…even the dog gets involved.

Even though Easter is spent somewhere other than our home I always make the morning special for my family with Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Baskets and a nice breakfast before heading off. This year with a college aged student and a high school student we decided to do things a bit different. They’ve grown out of Easter egg hunts and sadly we didn’t even have time to dye eggs, and my husband felt like the girls were too old for Easter baskets (more on that later) but I did want to make sure my family had a lovely Easter breakfast before taking off for the day.

I gathered lots of Easter and Spring ideas here and decided to make a fun spring table using one of the floral arrangement ideas that I had seen.

This table setting found on the Better Homes and Garden website, I thought was really interesting and different, so that’s what I did. I wasn’t too keen on the table cloth they used but I loved the yellow roses with the lettuce leaves. What could be more Spring like than that?!


I bought 3 glass vases from Michaels, 2 heads of leafy lettuce and some beautiful yellow flowers from Trader Joe’s. This was probably the most affordable centerpiece I’ve ever done but it looked like a million bucks.


I just lined the edge of  all the vases with the lettuce leaves, filled it up with water and added the flowers to the middle and voila…spring floral arrangements.


Since they were going in the middle of the table I didn’t want them too tall to obscure peoples view so we could still converse. You could use this for any spring occasion and add whatever color flower would match your table set. It was so bright and cheerful and really represented the newness that comes with Spring.


Last year I picked up this beautiful floral table cloth and napkins at Homegoods. I got another beautiful spring tablecloth this year from them too (which you’ll see later this week). I noticed that right around St. Patrick’s Day, Homegoods starts to get beautiful table linens in, just FYI.


I went with the yellow flowers to bring out the subtle yellow color in the tablecloth.

The table looked so fresh and festive and was so easy to do. My family really loved it.


The natural weave place mats (which I also thought lent a nice touch to the natural spring setting) and waters glasses are from Target, the white plates are from IKEA.


So in lieu of Easter Baskets this year we decided to give our daughters a card with some $$$. My husband thought this would be a good idea. Handmade Easter cards were made to make it special and the girls were so appreciative, but I gotta say I don’t care how old my kids get, Easter baskets are fun and they’re getting them next year. Sorry honey, we gave it a try but it just didn’t feel right.


I’ve really been into making cards lately. It started with these cards that I made for Valentine’s Day here. My family enjoyed the cards so much, I mean really appreciated them, in fact they all saved them. It made me see how special a homemade card can be so I got creative with Easter too.

Here’s what I did to make their Easter cards…

I took some card stock and on one side put some dots of acrylic paint.  I used blue, purple and white. You don’t need to put too much. I then folded the left side of the card onto the right side of the cards and using circular motions squashed the paint around.


When you open it back up you get this lovely marble like effect. Let it dry completely.


This will be the front and back of your card.


To the front of the card I added some Bunny dye cuts.


On the inside right I put some stickers. I wrote a bible verse on the left side and some sentiments on the right side, added the $$$, decorated the envelope with some more stickers and it was done.

Super easy but it came out really cute. Actually, again I was surprised by how much everyone liked them. I made enough for a couple of birthdays we were celebrating (using birthday stickers) and for the hostess gift for my sister.


I found this beautiful basket of roses at Home Depot for the hostess gift. It was so pretty, it looked like a little English garden. My sister loved it and the homemade card too.


I meant to take pictures of the beautiful breakfast we had, but as it was a bit of a rush to get everyone out the door on time, I didn’t get to it. I will share with you what I served as it was lovely and delicious. I made scrambled eggs that were pure perfection. Don’t underestimate a good scrambled egg. The trick is to use a lot of eggs, do not add milk (I know a lot of people think you should but I say NO) and don’t overcook them. Scramble the eggs in plenty of butter, add sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. I served them with croissants with butter and 3 different flavors of jelly, and orange juice.

Last but not least I make these amazing Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts.


You may have seen these all over PINTEREST, Instagram and Facebook. There were so fun to make and pretty darn impressive to serve.

They were delicious and my family liked them so much that I made another batch a couple of days later. I will post the recipe and my tips to making them in the next couple of days. You won’t want to miss out on this little treat.


Hope you enjoyed our Easter/Spring celebration and some fun DIY ideas. I actually do like to try all the things I pin and post and have lots of other fun ideas coming soon.

Happy Spring!!!

photo 3


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