Gathering up some Easter Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day was only last week but Easter is just around the corner. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Easter ideas to dye eggs, decorate, and eat. I’ve got them all pinned on my PINTEREST  board and there are lots of other ideas that I didn’t post, so go check it out.

While searching for inspiration for the  Easter holiday, I came upon Better Homes and Garden’s website that had quite a few.

Here are some of my favorites. All photos are linked to website and have directions.

This simple egg and carnation centerpiece is not only cute but so affordable. What an easy way to have a festive table. I really like the no frills feeling to this and you could do whatever color scheme you’d like, any pastel colors would look great.

 These little darlings with their succulents and flowers could be used as centerpieces, decorations or a really unique hostess gift.

For those of you more challenged in the craftiness department: a simple hard boiled egg and an initial on it makes for a great edible place card.

Placing a cupcake liner in an egg cup is all you need to dress up your decorated eggs. This would be great on an Easter table or also on a appetizer or dessert table.

These marbleized pot DIY project I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. I think this makes a great centerpiece with the  beautiful daffodils or again a lovely and unique hostess gift. I’m thinking this might be my next project, these would be nice to have in the kitchen for spring.

This is probably my favorite. Using the the lettuce greens with the yellow roses is so fresh, bright and springy. I think I could do without the daisies on the tablecloth. I actually love daisies but I think they cheapen the esthetic here. This looks pretty simple and gives a great impact. I’m thinking this might be the one for me this year.


I like this look for a more earthy display. The blues and the coppers pair so nicely together. This is something different and unexpected.

This is full blown Easter at it’s best!!! I think kids would love to see a table decorated like this.

This is super sweet and easy to make. You could use plastic Easter eggs and really make this a simple project.

I am just loving the use of fresh produce for centerpieces. The pale pink with the green is so elegant.

 I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this but using inexpensive watercolor paints is a super idea to color eggs. Easy to do and easy clean up.

Here’s something a little different: beach themed eggs. You could do Easter baskets with the theme by putting in a beach towel, sunscreen, bathing suits etc… I know my little beach bunnies would love that (in fact that’s pretty much what they usually get).


I’m really loving these painted Easter eggs done with washable tempera paint (like the watercolor eggs only more vibrant).


Now let’s get to some fun Easter food.

My oldest daughter loves sunflowers so these PEEPS SUNFLOWER BROWNIES would really put a smile on her face and they are super easy to make.


This cute little EASTER BUNNY TAIL TRUFFLES are gluten free and vegetarian and really are the cutest!!!


These BABYBEL BUNNIES are a healthy treat.

Well, I’d say that can get me started on some Easter prep, hope you are feeling inspired too.

Don’t forget to check out my PINTEREST for more ideas.

Have a hoppy day!!! (sorry couldn’t resist)

photo 3


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