Kit Kat Kake – For All You Kit Kat Lovers Out There!!!

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I’m going to have to pat myself on the back for this one because this pretty little cake was a huge success. Four layers of chocolaty goodness with a kit kat kicker…YUM!!! Honestly, it was the prettiest dessert and the bow tied around it, made it look like a present that you couldn’t wait to open. Seriously, I could barely keep my family away from it to get pictures for this post.

I made this for my husband’s birthday. I like to do something homemade and special because I think he appreciates it and I feel like it really comes from the heart that way. You might remember seeing a similar cake on my St. Patrick’s Day blog post here. I just took it to the JOY level: bigger, better and as much chocolate as possible.

The best part about this cake is: it looks so darn professional and impressive but couldn’t be easier to make.

Here’s how to do it.

Ingredients: 2 chocolate cake mixes (whatever is your favorite brand), 3 containers of chocolate frosting, 4 large (movie theater size, each contain 3 normal size) Kit Kat bars.


Bake chocolate cakes in 9 inch round pans, so you’ll have four cakes.


Let cakes cool completely.


Using a serrated knife, cut a flat top to even out the cake. Do to all four cakes, trying to keep layers even.


The top of the cake that you cut off, is the most delicious part of the cake as far as I’m concerned so…EAT IT!!! Seriously, put it aside to eat because it will be so moist and yummy, but if you leave it on, your cake will not sit properly.


See how the layers lay on top of each other evenly and will be just the right size to decorate with the kit kat bars.


Place the first cake upside down on the cake stand. The side you just cut should be on the bottom now, this will insure the top of your cake to be smooth and the layers to stack evenly without tilting.


Frost the top of the cake. Frost the tops of all the tops first and then go to the sides at the end.


Set the next layer of cake on top and frost again. Continue until all layers are done.


When all the layers are done immediately put chocolate sprinkles on top before the frosting gets too hard. I think chocolate shavings would have looked even better on this but I couldn’t find the right kind of chocolate bar at the grocery store. The sprinkles were cute too, though.

Then frost the sides of the cake. See it’s starting to look pretty amazing already.


Break apart the kit kat bars carefully.


One by one gently push kit kats onto sides of the cake placing them side by side.



Just to keep it real, I’m letting you see the mess in the background. I was running out of time to get everything ready for my husband’s birthday and working at full speed, but that should ensure you of how easy this is to make and really it was lots of fun.


The finishing touch that just takes this cute little cake over the edge, is adding a ribbon at the end. I used my husband’s favorite color blue, plus I loved the contrast with the brown.

You could be so creative here, matching the sprinkles to the ribbon and to the rest of the party table decor.




The finished cake.

photo 4

It looked so pretty sitting in the middle of my table. I just kept staring at it because it really looked professional and the looks on my daughters faces was so cute when they saw it. A mom can never see those kinds of faces too often, that look that says “My Mom is so cool!”.

photo 1

I could barely get these pictures taken, my family was more than ready for a slice.



Look how evenly the layers turned out.



Hope you enjoyed all the recipes this week and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

photo 3


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