Dining Alfresco Inspiration

Living in Southern California, I have the luxury of eating outside most of the year. I always think a meal tastes better eaten out in the fresh air, with lots of flowers and nature to look at and nothing beats a beautiful blue sky filled with clouds.

With the time change making the days longer, I am giddy with anticipation for the Spring and Summer months that are almost upon us. Those are my seasons, I feel like I bloom as the gardens do. Everything feels renewed and California shines like the star that she is. I’m in my happy place.

I happened upon a picture of alfresco dining that had my mind going. Memories of many meals spent in our backyard, with my daughters swimming in the pool with they’re cute little tan bodies, as my husband and I barbecued, swirled in my mind. I’ve already decided that this was the summer that we’d really take advantage of many meals outside, to not take for granted the beauty that we get to live in, in our little beach town.

So I went to my Pinterest for inspiration.

Here’s what I found…


The colors are so beautiful with the fuschias,  yellows, and greens. I love the rustic table top with the modern chairs but my favorite part is the centerpieces.

The planted pots, roses that look like they were just picked from a garden and those pineapples. Not only would this be easy to do but what a great impact. I love the napkin (seriously, I have to find those napkins) with the small succulent and the cookies are adorable. I’m definitely going to do this at my next outdoor gathering.


This next photo is so unique and if I had a big tree like that in my yard, I’d be out buying cute umbrellas tomorrow. Using a haystack as a table is so creative and I like the picnic atmosphere this creates.

I can’t remember where I got this next picture but I really appreciate the simplicity of this (again I need a tree). The white chairs with differently patterned small pillows, the relaxed table runner, and I’m loving the centerpiece with the different bottles of all colors and sizes but uniting them with the same color and type of flower.


I got this photo from Pinterest and it was not tagged so I don’t know where it was originally from. I have the same bougainvillea at my house and it’s something I’m drawn to. It reminds me of home, of California. This relaxed table with the mix-matched chairs, pillows, bright tablecloth and haphazard pineapples as a centerpiece are exactly the type of “come as you are” relaxed atmosphere that welcomes everyone.


Who wouldn’t want to eat in this beautiful garden. A simple bistro table is all you need.

This California beach house outside dining area is so cool. First of all the PINK, you know I love my pink and the vintage dining set is killer. I love the surfboard leaning against the wall just waiting for the next wave. This is Cali living at it’s best. This entire beach house was just really cool, if you want to see more of the entire house go to link below this picture.


via housebeautiful.com


 This monochromatic table is really lovely. The reclaimed wood table and white dinnerware is simple but also elegant. I like that all the flower vases, pots and stands are all painted the same taupe color and that the only real color you get is from the succulent plants, everything else is white. The white roses add just a touch of elegance.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling inspired and have a great amount of anticipation for the coming sunny months. For more inspiration on dining alfresco go to my Pinterest Board here.

photo 3

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