Blogs I Love – Pencil & Paper Development Co.

It’s time for another addition of: Blogs I Love.

I happened upon Pencil & Paper Development Co. through Instagram (a constant source of design inspiration for me). I followed them on IG (which you can do here) and then checked out their website. It’s so much fun when I find a new website to spend some time on that inspires and also teaches me more about my passion of Interior Design.

Pencil & Paper was started and is run by, husband and wife team Benjamin and Genifer Shor. They both started in design bringing large scale concepts to life in retail stores and have now moved onto their own design business located in Nashville, Tennessee. Don’t let that southern city fool you, these designers are bringing hip and modern to the mix with classic and preppy. Their clean designs and use of bright colors are perfectly executed, but there is also a livability to their home designs that brings a warmth and feeling of “home, sweet, home”.

Let me show you some of their fabulous designs.

(all photos via Pencil & Paper Development Co.)

 Modern Hilltop Home


Black and white kitchen perfection!!!

La Cornue ranges are like pieces of art. The most beautiful range on the planet!!


The simplicity of this modern hilltop home is deceiving because although this might seem easy to pull off, I think it’s one of the hardest things to do in design.

The white tile is a perfect backdrop to the brass fixtures that are both old fashioned and completely modern.


This is one of my favorite fixtures that is out there in design world right now.


The black and white theme continues. Are you dying over this laundry room?!


 Modern Southern Living Home…


Adore this kitchen especially how with all the white, marble and brass that they throw in the boldness of black in the range and door trim…genius!!!

See how they make this look so inviting and homey but still so elegant.



Bold use of color.


I’m a big, fat, lover of an all white palette to be the basis of the design space.


Not So Traditional Ranch…


This is how you make a gallery wall look interesting!!!

My favorite kind of bedding: all white with pops of color with the pillows.


Notice again, the use of black and white that really anchors all the color.


The white shelving with all white tchotchkes makes a statement but still lets the color in the rest of the room speak for itself.


This wallpaper lover is saying YES!!! to this forest on the wall.

Using indoor chairs with the outdoor furniture/room and making them cohesive by painting them all white, is great and original design.


Have you fallen in love with this blog yet???

I know I have. Pretty sure I’ll be checking it out regularly.

 photo 3


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