My Home Office Remodel – Before Photos

My husband and I have started my home office remodel, which I’m really excited about. It’s a small space, which is why we took it on, hoping to knock out a project quickly plus it means a small section of our home will be done as the laundry room is right next to it and it is remodeled already (I promise those pictures are coming). It will be nice to know there is actually an area in the house that is complete.

 When we moved into this home, it was newly built and my daughters were ages one and four. One of the reasons I liked this floor plan, was for this office space between the kitchen and laundry room. We use to call it the “mommy room” and I had visions of having quiet time there and just having a private space for myself. But that was before I raised two daughters. It didn’t quite work out that way, frankly it easily became a catch all place. I had to work hard not to let it become a big mess. I always kept it organized on the inside of the drawers and cupboards, but that desk area easily became pile central. If you’ve read any of this blog you’ll know: I DON’T LIKE A MESS!!! So this part of the house was a thorn in my side. A new mommy has no idea what the it’s like to raise kids, but now I know: life gets busy!!! Quiet time was not had until my oldest daughter went off to college and my youngest was in high school. With that said, I wouldn’t change a minute of it and even though my “private” space wasn’t utilized as much as I had envisioned, it meant I was living life to the fullest and enjoying all the moments that made up my daughters childhood.

With my daughters both busy and more independent, it’s time to make this the space I’d envisioned and a space to help me launch this blogging and interior design business that I’m so passionate about. So let’s get started with the before photos.

In the photo below, I’m standing in the doorway that connects the office to the kitchen taking the photo,  the door leads to my laundry room. I’m looking to replace the door with something with windows in it to customize the space and give the room some airiness, also to show that there is another room beyond the door.

To the right is the built in cabinets that we had installed before moving in 15 years ago. I’m so glad we did this, it adds lots of storage and makes use of the space so well.


Built in cabinets on interior wall of the house, laundry room to the left of photo, kitchen to the right.


More cabinet photos…


Hardwood floors are either being replaced, restained, or possibly painted. They are maple, with a medium stain. They’ve been lovely but were never quite what I wanted and now I’m definitely wanting to change them.

My husband did the crown molding last year, he did it through out the whole house. It looks great, but gosh what a job that is. He’s pretty handy but crown molding is a pill to do. The base boards he had done years ago and are still in good shape.


Opposite of the interior wall cabinets is the built in desk area. Again you can see my husbands handy work with the crown molding, baseboards and window casing.



I had this idea of possibly painting the cabinetry a light pink color, so I tried some on the cabinets, but it looked too juvenile and I’m definitely needing a space that sparks my creativity, so that idea was nixed and now I want the whole space bright white so that it has an art gallery effect. I’m never afraid to paint, you can always change it.


Here are items I’ve already purchased:

This acrylic IKEA chair. It’s not my dream chair but I’m adding acrylic touches throughout the office space. I also bought a soft faux sheepskin to throw over it and soften it up.


photo 1 copy

These adorable neon pink personalized pencils.

photo 3

This retro digital clock.

To find the link to the pencils and clock go to my post here.

photo 2 copy

I also reused some items I already had by spray painting them gold. More info here.


So that’s the whole room. It’s not huge but very efficient and I’m going to love working in there when it’s done.

Here’s what has been completed so far:

  • crown molding
  • base boards
  • window casing
  • all can lighting changed to LED lighting
  • dimmer light switches installed

There’s lots more to do and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Even though this is a small space, there are lots of details, but still hoping to knock it out quickly.

Have a great Wednesday.

photo 3


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