The Importance of Making Your Bed

Is making your bed important??? Heck yeah, it is and I’ll tell you why. Better yet, watch the video below, it is one of the most motivating and inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard. If you can, watch the whole 20 minutes, if not, at least get to the part about making your bed which can be found in the first 6 minutes. Really…it is worth listening to.

Here’s the video of the University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Speech by

Admiral William H. McRaven“>http://

I really feel like that should be motivation enough to have you make your bed each day. It’s a habit that is so important to teach your kids (are you listening girls, that is why I nag you about this).

So now that you want to make your bed each day, here’s the proper way to do it.

This short little video can be found on Crane and Canopy, a great website for bedding (more on this website later this week). Here’s the perfect technique for making your bed…“>http://

Those clean corners are a must, my mom taught me how to do those, she called them “hospital corners” and I’ll admit I feel like I’m cheating when I don’t do them.

To learn how to do those like a pro here’s a video from Crane and Canopy“>http://

The only thing I still struggle with is folding the fitted sheet, here’s yet another video from Crane and Canopy to help with the technical difficulties of this chore…“>http://

I think I’m going to have to practice that one, but it does seem better than the technique my mom taught me that I never quite mastered.

Hope this is helpful and motivating.

Have a great week.

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