Valentine’s Day Gifts For My Older Teen Daughters and More


As I’ve mentioned before, I REALLY L.O.V.E. Valentine’s Day. I loved it as a kid and as an adult love it even more. I mean what’s not to love, a day dedicated to people showing love to each other. Yes we should do it everyday, but hey, why not take it to another level on this glorious holiday. I think most people think of it as a for a day for lovers, but to me it’s about love in general; love between parents and children, friends, family, anyone who is special to you. Show ’em a little love!!!

I’ve always tried to make this a special holiday for my husband and daughters. Check out my blog post here for links to all my past Valentine’s Day fun. With that said, I have never put any pressure on any of them to return the favor. This is how I show my love, but pressuring anyone to do it back, sort of defeats the purpose. I will say, that kids learn by example (as do husbands) and my daughters and husband are very thoughtful. I think when people have nice things done for them and feel the love, it gets paid forward, and I like the thought of that.

My daughters are 19 and 16, so they really want more of an adult  Valentine celebration. This year I decided to go candy free. Yes, that’s what I said…candy free. It think they’ll be fine with it. We love anything chocolate around here but we’re all trying to cut back a little.

Here’s what I did for my daughters.

This is everything going into their Valentine’s Day gift bag…


Whenever there is a holiday coming up I will start looking for presents. I really like to give thoughtful gifts and don’t like to be a last minute shopper. So I started collecting this stuff as I found it, a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. My girls are very similar and I usually get them pretty much the same stuff, this year they got exactly the same gift, as I know they will both love all of it.

My daughters like the Boho look, both in clothes and in decor. I know they are going to love these earrings. They like to wear studs, not into anything dangling. The brass box is great for storing jewelry and trinkets and since I’m redoing both of their bedrooms, this will be a nice addition, although I bet my older daughter takes it back to her dorm room for now.


The Stance socks are very popular around our little beach community, they are super comfy and warm. They are really going to love the sunset beach pattern on these.

The thank you notes are really cute; loved the design. I’m big on thank you notes and stationary. I think there is nothing better than a hand written card and have passed that love along to my girls.


LOVE this brass tchotchke. I think this will be a cute addition to their room remodel and love that it resembles the iconic LOVE symbol, just using the heart instead of the side ward O.


Couldn’t resist this little white dream catcher…for their rooms or they could even hang them in their cars.


Here’s where I found all these goodies.


1 Marshalls // 2 Michaels // 3 Tillys (these are buy one get one 50% off) // 4 Tillys // 5 Marshalls // 6 Tillys

 I wrapped these up all cute, but before I get to that I want to show you my husbands gift.

We were shopping at the Calvin Klein outlet and he loved this shirt, so when he wasn’t looking I bought it. The color is great.

He also got some Stance socks. The girls got him a pair of Lakers Stance socks for Christmas and he wears them all the time, but since he really likes the Clippers too, I got him a pair of those and another nice patterned pair.



I think presentation makes all the difference, so the packaging is just as important to me. You never know where you’re going to find things, so I always keep my eyes open. I find a lot of great stuff at the grocery store.

I bought these gift bags and tissue at Ralphs Grocery Store.


And I just had to buy these Conversation Heart kitchen towels too.


Nothing says Valentine’s Day more to me than conversation hearts, I don’t like to eat them, but I still love them. They remind me of being in Elementary school. The zig zag ribbon detail is great.


I used all red tissue for my husbands gift.


I had this red LOVE ribbon on hand and think it is the perfect touch for the wrapping…



For my daughters bags I used a combination of pink and red tissue…


They came out so festive but still grown up.




My favorite part of the whole gift is the homemade cards I made, which you can find in my blog post  here. There is still plenty of time to make these and I can’t tell you how beautiful they turn out. I made them extra special by including some beautiful poem verses in them by E.E. Cummings, Lord Byron and Thomas D’Urfey. Every card is handwritten and I’m so excited for my family to get them.


I couldn’t resist buying something for myself. I had seen this brass tchotchke on an Instagram post and feel in love with it. I inquired about it and was told it was purchased at Homegoods. I took a look there but didn’t find it, to my surprise they had it at Marshalls. It’s going to look great in a bookshelf or maybe my nightstand.


It’s such a sweet touch.


My husband is a bit challenged when it comes to picking out gifts for me, so I’m more than happy to help. This year I asked him for this computer cover, since we’re working on my home office remodel. It’s all in the details for me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.14.43 AMI’m also going to be picking out some blue and white vases that I want for my family room mantle, to start my collection. I had a great inspiration photo for this, but can’t find it. I’ll be blogging about this more when I get to that part of my home remodel.

Hope this was inspirational for you and that you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love, family and friends.

photo 3


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