Everything You Need To Know About Wainscoting

I’m a bit late getting this blog entry posted, I had some computer issues but not for lack of trying. This is a good one too, so I don’t want you to miss out. My husband and I have been very successful in adding baseboards and crown molding (nightmare, but my genius husband figured it out) to our home but never wainscoting. So here we go, prepping and learning to get started on this next project.

Wainscoting comes in many styles and can add architectural interest to any space. It’s worth the investment because not only does it look great but can add value to your home. This is a DIY project that my husband and I have not taken on as yet, but we plan to do so with his new home office. I was thrilled to find this website wainscotingamerica.comIt has everything you need to know about wainscoting.

This website is packed with information, videos and has a design system to help you with your measurements. I hit the jackpot with this website. Just what we need to get this home office project started.

They have a design system to help you get your project just right, find that here.

wainscoting design system

For my husbands office we’re looking to do a shaker style wainscoting about 3/4 of the way up the wall and then wall paper the rest in grass cloth. The woodwork I want to paint in a really dark blue/black color and the grass cloth wallpaper in a lighter shade, to be determined. I want it to have a modern look.

Here is some of my inspiration photos for this room…


via Chris Loves Julia



via Thrifty Decor Chick


via Peter Cadoux Architects



site unknown



via David Scott Interiors



via Desert Domicile


via Lulu Klein



via message note



via Life On Virginia Street



via Interior Decorating Things


via Little Green

via Little Green

Back to working on my home office project so I finish and get started on my husband’s home office.

 photo 3


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