DIY Paint Splatter Vase…so cute and easy!

photo 1 copy

I found this cute and easy DIY paint splatter vase on my favorite blog Little Green Notebook. I know big surprise, how much do I love Jenny Komenda! This little project caught my eye and looked easy enough and it really was. Check out her post here if you’d like, she also has some good advice on grocery store roses.

There’s only a few items you’ll need to transform a simple and inexpensive glass vase to something really special.

I got the glass vase for $3 at Michaels and the spray paint is oxblood red (which is hard to see the cap color in this picture but you’ll be able to see in the following pictures), and some black nail polish that I already had, it’s a cheap brand and worked just fine. I never do much with red but I liked the way Jenny’s turned out and the oxblood is so rich and deep. You’ll also need a plastic grocery store bag and some painters tape.



I started by splattering the nail polish in the inside of the vase. I hit it on the sides a bit to help it out and found putting a fair amount of polish on the brush also helped.


Make sure and use a covered work space and even better if you can do it outside, just in case you get a little crazy with the splattering.

Splattering complete…


Then I covered the vase with the grocery bag and taped it on the top because I’m going to be spray painting just the inside of the vase. Notice that I taped it a bit inside the vase, don’t do that, only up to the top, not over the lip of the vase (you’ll see why soon).


DSC_0513 DSC_0515

Then I sprayed the inside of the vase with a nice coating of the spray paint. You don’t want to cover it too thick because you want the light to come through, but it does need to be covered. It only took a minute or so to do this.


DSC_0518 2

Unwrapping to see my cute new vase…


Uh oh, see how the paint did not get all the way up to the lip of the vase. This project is very forgiving. So I wrapped it again and gave it another quick coat.


So this time when I wrapped it, I didn’t put the tape over the lip of the vase, just on the top of it.


Finished vase. I was shocked at how beautiful this looked. The color was so deep and painting it on the inside gave it such a nice look, like milk glass.



I really liked how this vase looked with pink flowers but instead of roses like Jenny used, I did these…

photo 1 copy 2

I love how the pink pops against the oxblood red.

photo 2 copy

I put them in my guest bath, which I don’t want to share too much of, as I haven’t done the reveal of this room yet (we’re almost there), but here’s a sneak peak…

photo 2 copy 2

I wish I could show you how great this looks with the whole room especially how it compliments the rug. Just waiting on one more thing and the guest bath will be done.

photo 4

photo 3

This color combo would be lovely for Valentine’s Day.

I liked this project so much, that I’m already getting started on an Easter table setting using these kinds of vases. Can’t wait to show you.

Thanks again to Jenny Komenda for her creativity, and for sharing great ideas like this.

photo 2


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