Blogs I Love – Hi Sugarplum!

This is my second post in a series I call Blogs I Love, for more on this go to my Interior Design category and scroll down to Blogs I Love or search Blogs I Love There are so many inspiring and interesting blogs that really help me to hone my craft. Hi Sugarplum! I found quite by accident and I’m so glad I did. It’s one of those blogs that you’ll want to scroll through from the very first post. It’s amazing how far Cassie has come in using blogging as a tool to further her love of Interior Design and turn it into a business.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite posts.

All photos via Hi Sugarplum!.

This is the first post of Cassie’s that I took a look at. I was very impressed with her make over of her kitchen. She didn’t tear up the whole kitchen but used existing cabinets and just freshened them up, she also kept the existing counter tops. With a few custom additions, paint, and that awesome cement tile backsplash, this kitchen went from frumpy to fabulous…








Cassie was also part of the One Room Challenge if you are not familiar with that check out my blog post here, or search On Room Challenge. Cassie’s living room was quite the rage on Instagram! It turned out beautifully, the colors are amazing, and her attention to detail is so evident in the design of this space.  I really love this room. For her entire post go here.











I love DIY projects, especially if they are transforming furniture. This highboy is taken from old fashioned and dull to modern and bright. Cassie’s entire post here.

Before and After…yikes, what a difference!!!


Cassie’s inspiration, look at the yellow highboy in the far left of the photo…


Great and bright details in the inside drawers. Love this idea of different contact paper. I’m going to be using this one…


There is lots more inspiration, DIY projects and fashion; this blog is a fun one.

It’s Friday, yahoo!!! Have a great weekend.

photo 2


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