Small Details For My Home Office

I’m working on redesigning my home office right now but things got a bit derailed with the holidays and the flu bug that has plagued our house. But I still got a few things done. Here are some small details for my home office…

I had this trashcan and these glass jars for my office already and I decided to reuse them by adding a little sparkle.



I like the dainty look yet sturdiness of the trashcan and the glass jars are so handy to hold paperclips that I use all the time.


I decided to paint them gold with Design Master spray paint in Gold Medal that I had on hand and had bought at Michaels.


It’s always amazing to me what a little spray paint can do. Nice and bright now.

Not liking the silver paper clips anymore so I think I might buy these.


I’m planning on buying some acrylic accessories for the desk top and I thought these hot pink pencils would look so cute in an acrylic pencil holder.

photo 1 copy

I ordered these personalized from Oriental Trading Company.

photo 3

Lastly I’m loving my retro digital clock. It ticks which might drive some people crazy. I couldn’t have it anywhere I sleep, but the quiet ticking sound is sort of soothing as I work.

photo 2 copy

You can find this on Amazon here.

photo 1 copy 2

Lastly, I did make a trip to Home Depot on January 1st (really did try to hit the ground running this year and thought I’d be further along on this project) and bought some pink paint samples to possibly paint the built-ins in my office and maybe the inside of my kitchen pantry but haven’t had a chance to try them out. Hopefully the end of this week, so I can make a decision and start all the painting.

All kinds of goodies in this cart for upcoming projects, really excited about the new paint sprayer.

photo copy 2

If you’d like to see more inspiration for my home office check out my

Pinterest under the board: home…my office

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Wednesday.



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