Happy 22nd Anniversary Honey!!!

22 years ago today I married this man…


photo circa 1993

With 24 years together under our belts and 2 beautiful daughters, I still feel exactly this way. There is no one I’d rather go through life with, or smooch! It’s been quite a ride and I’m sure it still will be, and even though I wish you’d leave the thermostat alone, I’m so glad I married you, the best decision I ever made.

I can’t help but look at that picture though, and see that that couple had no idea what they were in for and no doubt that is a good thing, because I’m sure the thought of all that life entails would have had that young couples heads spinning. It’s a beautiful roller coaster ride and I’m glad that I married a man of God to share it with. I’m thankful we always have our faith to get us through the tough times and to be thankful for the good.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

Thanks for putting up with me.



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