Freshening Up Christmas Decorations That You Already Own

It’s the last day of 2015 and Christmas decorations have already been packed away until next year, but I wanted to get this post in because I was so pleased with how some simple tweaking to my existing decorations really made a big impact.

When my husband and I got married and started to collect decorations for Christmas, I had decided to go “old school” and keep everything pretty traditional. Once we had kids I went all out to make it look like Santa’s Village with nutcrackers, stockings, garland up the staircase and a collection of ornaments that would make any elf jealous. Everything is mostly done in the Christmas color tradition of green and red, and in past years it was a bit on the rustic side, but a couple of years ago as my girls got older, I replaced some of the rustic elements with some bling and made things more for adults too.

With a bit of gold spray paint I made my stocking hangers go from rustic and dark to bright and sparkly.

This picture is a tad dark as it was a chilly and overcast day, proof that we do get some weather in California. The stocking hangers were from Pier One Imports many years ago and had a brown, aged, rustic patina to them. I sprayed a layer of primer first and then 3 coats of gold to make sure I got into all the little nooks and crannies.


I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer For All Surfaces as a base coat. Since I do a lot of spray painting, I always save old towels and sheets to lay underneath projects for good coverage.


I used Design Master Gold Medal spray paint from Michaels.

They turned out so pretty and was so worth the minimal effort it took. It really made the mantel look brighter and even made my nutcracker collection stand out more.





Christmas tree and star…

DSC_0487 DSC_0492






Nutcrackers have been collected over the years from various stores, stockings are from Macy’s, candy garland is from Anthroplogie (all decorations collected over many years or I’d link them).


The finished product…


The picture above is located in our family room which has not been remodeled yet, can’t wait to get started on it though.

The next project was my big tray from Z Gallerie that sits on my reupholstered Restoration Hardware ottoman. The tray is there all year and I switch out what sits in it throughout the year.

I love the Christmas collection that has happened over my 22 years of marriage. The sleigh we bought in Nebraska while visiting my husbands parents our very first Christmas together, as was the toy rocking horse. The glass blown snowman and frosted glass angels were bought when my first daughter was just a toddler. Loved that the plant had red and green leaves, pot from IKEA.


Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, celebrating a very important time in our faith. It is also a time of family traditions and every piece collected over the years has meaning. It’s these traditions that my family counts on that brings us close together when life can get so hectic.


As you can see the tray was getting slightly worn and I wanted to brighten it up to go with the rest of the remodel of our home.

DSC_0478 DSC_0479

 The edges were looking a bit worn and I wanted to change the hardware to gold.

DSC_0474 DSC_0477

First I took all the hardware off and then used primer and white spray paint for the tray and gold paint for the hardware.


I needed to paint the ends of the screws that held the hardware so I used a plyer to hold the small screws and sprayed them.


Priming and painting…

DSC_0521 DSC_0530


Finished, light and bright, looking better than new…


Loving the alligator print in white…


The gold accents look great and really modernized this piece…


I also like the way it pops against the ottoman now…


Decorated for Christmas…

Sleigh is holding our remotes but it holds the Christmas cards as they come in.





I bought these boxwood wreaths at Target they are meant for indoor use but I wanted to put them outside, so I thought I’d spray them with a few coats of clear gloss.


One of my handy dandy old sheets for projects. I sprayed 3 coats of gloss letting them dry between each coat.


I’m kinda crazy for boxwood’s anyway so I wanted to keep them plain and simple. I put one on the gate to my courtyard and one on the front door…

photo 1 copy

photo 2

You can see the front door wreath through the gate wreath…

photo 4

The wreaths have been up for a few weeks now and seem to be holding up well even with the rain we had. I think the gloss is helping to keep the color and protect them. I plan on keeping them up all year or as long as they last. They added a nice touch of green and I like the modern look they have compared to most wreaths.

photo 5

That’s my easy DIY projects to spruce up some old Christmas decorations. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I’m looking forward to the new year and all the projects I’ll be bringing your way with our home remodel.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little blog. I really appreciate it.

All the best,



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