My Impromptu Photo Shoot on my Reluctant Beach Walk

photo 2 copy 3

Welcome to beautiful, sunny Southern California! This is what Thanksgiving vacation week looks like on the West Coast: palm trees, coastlines, sunshine and blue skies. I try not to take for granted the beauty that I am surrounded by each day, but with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays all I really wanted was a nap, when my husband asked me to take a beach walk at our local beach. It’s one of those times, when you are married, that you know it’s best to think of the other person before yourself. I know how much my husband loves these beach walks and I’m so happy that after 23 years he still loves to take them with me. It is always nice, romantic and healthy to take these walks but I was reluctant, that nap was calling my name. But off I want with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, I could take a nap when I got home or go to bed early.

I almost took my Nikon camera because I rarely go anywhere without it, but well you know why, that reluctant thing, I only brought my iphone. I see everything through the eye of a photography, I look for every good shot in whatever I am doing. Similarly, when I watch a movie or look at a magazine the Interior Designer in me is taking mental notes on the surrounding rooms. But I love both photography and interior design and am happy I have such passions.

So here’s my take away from said walk, sometimes when you make someone else happy you might be surprised what you get out of it. I got to have a lovely walk with my husband, take a breather from all the Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas decorating, appreciate this beautiful area I live in, and got an impromptu photo shoot.

Here’s our beach walk that we love so much and the photos. I’m thinking some of these will need to be framed. All photos are Avenue of Joy please credit if reblogging.

photo 1 copy

photo 1 copy 2

Don’t underestimate the iphone camera. I got some great shots.

photo 2

photo 3

Love how this is back lit and the rays of sun cause the flash of light to the right of the photo.

photo 2 copy

Low tide.

photo 1 copy 3

photo 3 copy 2

photo 5

I love the simplicity of the shot below, framed in a plain white frame would look great.

photo 4

photo 5 copy

Similar shots above and below but look how just a different perspective changes the photo just slightly. In the above photo the pier and the water get equal attention, but move the shot to the left (below) and the pier gets the attention.

photo 1 copy 4

photo 3 copy 4

The burst of sunshine below showing the power of the sun as it sets on the pier and beach.

photo 4 copy

Another cool and simple shot below that would great in a plain white frame.

photo 2 copy 2

photo 5 copy 2

Same shot above and below, from two different angles.

I like the diffused light on both of these.

photo 1 copy 5

Looks like this rock has a broken heart. Do you see it?

photo 3 copy 5

photo 4 copy 2

Again, using light and angles.

photo 5 copy 3

photo 3 copy 6

Texture and color.

photo 1 copy 6

photo 2 copy 4

photo 5 copy 4

photo 5 copy 5

photo 1 copy 7

photo 1 copy 9

The above pictures were taking with an iphone5 the last three where taken with iphone6.

photo 2 copy 6

photo 4 copy 3

photo 5 copy 6

I’m sure I will be framing at least a couple of these for my home remodel. Taking your own photos to use as art is a creative and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your home.

Happy Holidays.

All the best,



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