I’m in Love with “Young House Love”

There is nothing I like more than getting an new design book. Today two of them came in the mail and made me feel like Christmas had already arrived. Today I’ll be talking about one of the books that I can’t seem to put down. “Young House Love” by design husband and wife team: Sherry and John Petersik. They actually have a book that just came out which is called “Lovable Livable Home” that is their second book but I purchased their first book, I wanted to see where they’re journey began.

Here’s the first book which I will be blogging about today.

photo 1 copy

In case you noticed the tabs sticking out of the top of the book, that’s my way of marking spots I want to refer back to. I do this with cookbooks too and it’s a great way to get back to the information when you need it. I write a little note on the sticky tab and they are easily removed. You can buy these anywhere, Target, Walmart, Staples, even the grocery store.


And if you’re interested here is the second book. Which I’m sure will be great too and I’ll let you know because I do plan on purchasing it.


Photo via Young House Love


Sherry and John Petersik are a young couple who have chronicled their journey in buying homes and fixing them up. Becoming quick learners and DIYers in the process. They have no formal training in interior design but wanted to live in homes they loved and were willing to do the work to get there. They have also done all of this on a budget. Now this young couple have a successful career in interior design with a website that is full of information and inspiration and two best selling books. Check out their website here.

I am in the midst of redecorating our home that we have lived in for 15 years. Wow, honestly I don’t know where the time went and I can’t believe we’ve lived here this long. Although our house was brand new when we moved in, and what a pleasure it was to have everything new and lovely, it is now time to update and makes things new again. This is also my spring board to a career in design. I’ll be using my home as an invitation to invite my readers into my design aesthetic and go along with me on my journey and hopefully inspire you along the way. Part of that will be sharing information with you like this post. Sherry and John have great ideas especially if you are on a budget but want a home that is elegant and beautiful.

Here are some pages in the book that are inspiring me. There is A LOT of information in this book but here are some highlights.

I’ve seen this done before, but this book gives you easy step by step instructions to use wallpaper, fabric or even wrapping paper to add color to the back of a bookshelf. This idea is great because you can change it out easily and it’s not too costly. This would be so cute to do in a kids room or playroom.

photo 2

Here’s a project I’ve always wanted to try and was thrilled they included this in their book: make an upholstered headboard. I really think this is a great way to customize a room and add color without being too committed if you want to change things up. Having two daughters I know that their tastes can change constantly and this would be an easy way to keep them happy. I also like to read in bed and know that it is nice to have a headboard you can lean on comfortably. This is also a wonderful idea for anyone who is just starting out with their first apartment or home. I could have really used this idea in my first tiny little one bedroom apartment in L.A.

photo 5

Sherry and John made a great point about buying mirrors. You can get great deals at thrift shops, garage sales etc… on mirrors but don’t worry about what the frames condition is. If the mirror is in good shape and you like the what the overall frame looks like, you can always repaint it or stain it to give it the look you desire. I have to admit I’ve probably overlooked some great mirrors because I didn’t like the color or stain of the wood. Not anymore, I’ll be looking at it with a different eye now. Simple information but good information.

photo 3

Lastly, the book offers ideas from other interior design bloggers. Now I have some more websites to check out. This page showed an interesting idea about covering doors with fabric to add interest. I really love seeing the support from one designer to another.

photo 4

 I ordered my book from amazon here but you can also buy it off the Young House Love website here, they have signed copies on their website too.

Now off to work on some of my own projects.

All the best,



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