“One Room Challenge” Reveal – Participants I’m Following

The “One Room Challenge” is officially over. All the rooms are or should have been completed. I was so excited to see the final spaces and was not disappointed, well maybe a little, but I’ll explain that later. If you’re new to the “One Room Challenge” check at my other blog posts to follow along, here, here, and here.

First up, Tobe from the blog Because It’s Awesome. If you recall Tobe was redoing her dining room. She is expecting her second baby and needed the room to now function as a dining room and office. She needed to add lots of storage and also wanted to brighten it up a bit. I chose to follow this reveal because  Tobe has a classic yet modern style. It is sensible but not boring. She also is on a bit of a budget, which I think makes for a more creative room. Gotta think outside the box.

Here’s her room reveal (all photos via Because It’s Awesome)…

The before shot…


The completed room, done in 6 weeks…


Bravo Tobe!!! Pregnant, a kid at home and you did all this in 6 weeks, I’d say that’s pretty impressive. She definitely did what she set out to do. The room is lighter, brighter and there is plenty of storage. Although I really liked the old room, I can see how this room is going to be used a lot more now that it has a dual purpose. The more kids you have the more creative your spaces have to be, no matter how big your house is.

Here are some more shots of the room…


Loving this chair…



The next participant is Erin from the blog Apartment 34 who was decorating a media room in her 145 year old house that she bought a year and a half ago. Unfortunately her room did not get done. Sad face! I was really looking forward to this room as her cool modern style is right up my alley. She did get the room painted and has the concept completely done so let’s take a look at that…

(All photos via Apartment 34)


room design…


Can’t wait to see this in completion.

Apt34_ORC_MediaRoomThe last participant I followed is Holly from The English Room. I was particularly interested in Holly’s space because she is so polar opposite from my designing. She is colorful and bold and a bit crazy and I just love that she takes things to a bit of an extreme, but I love it! Here’s her family room make over, hold on to your hats this is going to be quite a ride.

All photos via The English Room.


It’s amazing to me how much color, texture and details she put into this room and still managed she make it looked controlled and purposeful. Although there is a lot going on, it still looks cozy and inviting. How she got this done in 6 weeks is a miracle. I’m incredibly impressed she got this all done so quickly.

Check out the amazing details in this room…



Here’s the lamp I was crushing on before…



Loving the game table with the ghost chairs.


There’s going to be nothing but fun to be had in this room.

Well, that concludes the “One Room Challenge” for this time around. I’m ready for the next challenge and I think I will be participating next time (you can participate on your own using hashtags on Instagram). I think I’m ready to show off some of my decorating chops. I really enjoyed going on this journey with these designers, it’s been truly inspiring.

All the best,



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