Week 3 and 4 of the “One Room Challenge” – participants I’m following

The “One Room Challenge” is already in week 4 of the 6 week process. Let’s see how my favorite participants are doing…

Toby from Because It’s Awesome is working on her dining room. She’ changed the paint color to a softer gray and added a light fixture with a beautiful medallion detail. I love a modern element in a room and this light fixture is a great one.

All photos via Because It’s Awesome.


She’s also added this gorgeous brass chest and a fiddle leaf plant. I’m excited about all the brass and gold coming back into play in interior design (I never thought I’d say that) and also that nature is making a bold statement. So much of the 70’s design culture is coming back. I’ll bet most of the younger designers aren’t even aware of that . Gold and brass were always standard for bathroom faucets, drawer pulls and door handles and plants were everywhere: hanging, on plant stands, and counter spaces. This 70’s kids is having flash backs when I see so much of this kind of design. Just an ever so slight reference to this time period I embrace but too much and you lose me.


Lastly are some prints that Toby is using from Minted, this is a very popular site for designers. I follow them on Instagram although I haven’t ordered any prints from them yet. Here’s the ones she’s using and again she’s adding another modern element to the space. I like the use of black and white in this space.


Looking forward to seeing the room next week when it will be close to being done.

On to the next participant, Erin from Apartment 34. I adore the aesthetic that Erin is going for in her media space. It’s all masculine but warm and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up and watch a movie in this room. She isn’t revealing too much of what she’s actually done but she is revealing her inspiration. This room is going to be a showstopper.

Here’s some of her inspiration. All photos via Apartment 34.

I love the black trim against the white walls.


Erin must live inside my head because I think her inspiration pictures are stunning. The use of color, while being bold, instills a feeling of calm. It’s not overwhelming to the senses. There is so much use of white walls with bright colors in interior design right now, I like this take on it.


 Erin opened up the door way to this room to make it larger and is going to add glass doors with metal trim. I’ve been looking at this same type of doors for my shower enclosures. I wish she would have put the source, maybe she will in the final reveal.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

New wider opening, where glass doors will go.

Here are some of her inspiration pictures for this…




 Erin’s not giving us much of a glimpse of her room so I’m excitedly waiting for this reveal.

 Holly from The English Room is by far the decorator that goes outside of my own comfort zone and I love her for it. Her family room is going to be bold, bright and beautiful. Her choices can only come from someone with an enormous amount of confidence, lets start with her choice of carpeting. All photos via The English Room.

Never in a million years would I have picked out this carpeting but Holly says she uses it all the time because it’s “the most durable and camouflaging carpet I have ever seen while still being uber chic.”. Gonna have to take your word on this one Holly, but I’ll bet money you’re spot on. (get it spot on, ha ha – pun intended)


She’s painted the room off white and off black by Farrow & Ball full gloss. I’m telling you this girl goes for broke, no hold barred.


The curtain fabric is glossy, colorful and unique. Adding a huge boost of color to the space.


Carved skulls are being used to accessorize. Are you getting her overall vibe. Her motto must be “Go bold or go home”!


She’s using this table from Ikea as a game table. I absolutely love a game table in a family room. I think they are highly underestimated. I’m adding one to my family room. I think people would be surprised how much a family would play board games, card games, or craft if they had a table like this in the room. Maybe a little less watching TV and more time having fun together and bonding. Good call Holly! Nice modern element in the room too.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-6.13.45-PMThere’s the latest update on the “One Room Challenge”. To see more of my posts regarding this challenge, check them out:  week one here and week two here.

Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

All the best,



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