Week 2 of the “One Room Challenge” – Participants I’m Following

I just posted yesterday about the “One Room Challenge” and my favorite participants, but week two has already started so I wanted to give an update and make sure I keep up.

Here’s whats going on with Because It’s Awesome blog by Toby Reed….

Toby shared her mood boards. She’s really going light and airy compared to the former room.

Here’s her mood boards…

Loving the light fixture and chest. She was going to use the grass cloth wall paper but nixed it for now but I think that would have looked great. This should be a wonderful transformation. Check out all the details here.

 On to Erin at Apartment 34 blog. Week 2 showed progress in her media room with plastering the walls in her old Victorian home and picking out paint colors. She’s deciding on which deep gray color to pick…

Hard to tell in a picture which one would be best but I bet she goes with the darker one. For more details go here.

So thrilled to see Holly from The English Room blog’s mood board. She didn’t disappoint…

Now that my friends, is a mood board. Wow!!!

Here are some of the details…

THIS LAMP IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m completely flipping out over this.

And these chairs.

I want this too!!!

Now for some of Holly’s inspiration photos, they are gore-e-ous!!!!!







I’m so glad I’m following along with this challenge. It’s so inspiring. I can appreciate the different styles each participant brings. It really fuels my creative spirit. I’m gonna have to do this challenge, it just looks like too much fun.

All the best,



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