Trader Joe’s Series…Part 3 and Gluten Free

Trader Joe’s is a goldmine for anyone who eats gluten free. They have  a wide variety of options and their prices are great. In part 3 of my Trader Joe’s Series I’ll be showing some of my favorite gluten free products. TJ’s also has some fun seasonal/gluten free products for October so check those out before they’re gone. Also, there is always a list of gluten free products available at the store, just ask a clerk, but if you want to see their list now go here. There are many more gluten free items then the ones listed, just read the labels and enjoy…

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  1. Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Baking Mix ~ This is a new seasonal item and I was so excited when I saw it displayed at TJ’s. My family absolutely loves the regular Pumpkin muffin mix and I was feeling a bit left out not being able to partake in the yumminess. But this year I can…yahoo!!!

2. Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix ~ I use my pumpkin shaped molds to make these really festive. With some roasted walnuts, warm maple syrup and a nice, big dollop of whip cream on top. Need I say more!

3.  Gluten Free Granola ~ This is a nice hearty granola with lots of nuts and dried fruit. Pairs great with rice milk. I make parfaits using: vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit (we like strawberries, blueberries or bananas), top with a little granola.

4.  Peanut Butter Panda Puffs ~ My kids have been eating these since they were little, but I confess I like them too. Kind of like eating Captain Crunch cereal but without all the preservatives.

5. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix ~ These brownies are really good and easy to make. You won’t even think they are gluten free, just regular ol’ brownies. Hot out of the oven…so good! They stay nicely for a few days, just keep them tightly covered. Go a little crazy and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and little chocolate syrup!

6. Gluten Free Whole Grain and White Sandwich Bread ~ This is the best gluten free bread I’ve found. It’s even better than Udi’s. It doesn’t get the big holes in it like Udi’s does and it’s really good, especially toasted. Still itty bitty pieces like all gluten free bread, but without the gluten you’re just not going to get a nice big piece of bread.

7. Seasoned Kale Chips ~ This is a nice, healthy snack and is a favorite with my daughters college friends.

8. Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix ~ This is better than any mix, regular or gluten free. For more on this and a great waffle stick pan, look at this blog post.

9. Organic Riced Cauliflower ~ OK, I’m about to go a little crazy here because this is the most awesome thing every invented. I’m not sure why cauliflower is so much better in this form, but it is. It comes frozen and you just heat it up in a non-stick pan. You can use it like you would rice, or pasta. I just add it to everything and I mean everything. I have it in the morning with eggs, melt cheese on it, served it as a side dish. It’s a great way to add veggies to any meal.  The only downfall is, it’s so popular that TJ’s keep running out of it, so stock up when they have it.

10. Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta (also comes in spaghetti) ~ I really love me some pasta! It’s probably been the hardest part about eating gluten free for me. This pasta has a nice firm consistency and adds a nice punch of protein.

11. Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta ~ When I just want a nice, big bowl of spaghetti, this really does the trick.

12. Brownie Crisp ~ When I have a sweet tooth and don’t want to bake, this crunchy chocolatey treat is a go to.

13. Belgian Chocolate Pudding ~ Here’s another treat for your sweet tooth, this doesn’t last long in our fridge.

14.  Pure Organic Bars ~ These are a staple in our household. I keep a stock of them in the pantry. I especially like the Chocolate Brownie Bar and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar. I keep one in my purse for those times when your out and about but can’t stop to eat, also for sports events if my athletes get hungry.

15. Gluten Free Cornbread Mix ~ I haven’t tried these yet but if there anything like the regular TJ’s brand of cornbread mix, I’m gonna love it. I was so happy to see this because I have a recipe for Chili Cheese Bake that is so easy and the best in comfort food. Coincidentally, the recipe was given to me by a TJ’s employee.

16.  Gluten Free Pretzel Twists ~ Sometimes you just want a pretzel!

Hope you enjoyed this gluten free installment of the Trader Joe’s Series.

Happy Fall.

All the best,



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