Nail Polish Organizers


photo from USAToday

There is A LOT of nail polish at my house. Between myself and my two daughters, we’ve collected a pretty good variety. The three of us like to have our nails polished weekly, and enjoy the fun of picking out different color combinations for our fingers and toes. I’ve mentioned before that I always have my toes polished, funny story about that here, and I just feel better when my nails are manicured and colorful. It’s one of those details that just makes me feel pretty. You know what I mean?

The thing is, our nail polish collection is getting a little wild and it’s time to figure out a way to get things under control. Here are some ideas I think will work…


Photo by Carly Cristman

This acrylic nail polish rack would do just the trick for the amount of nail polish we have. I think it would look great in my daughter’s bathroom. I’m really into acrylic in decor right now. You can find different ones on Amazon, here’s one I found.


Love how this is organized by color.

There are also some DIY projects to save money…


Photo by Project Hag

This nail polish shelf looks like an easy DIY project that you can find here.


Photo by Project Hag

This next DIY project is super easy. Just use Ikea spice racks. They come in plain wood but you could paint them too, like the red ones below. Find the directions here.


Photo by This Mom’s Gonna Snap

This last DIY project also looks simple and adds a nice decor element. This is a great way to re-purpose old frames.

Find the directions here.


Photo by Decozilla

For smaller collections of nail polish take a look at these…


Photo from Pinterest

These cake stands are a really unique way to display nail polish and would look great on a bedroom dresser or bathroom sink area.


Photo by Brit + Co.

When my daughter Sage went off to college last year, we used these glass candy jars to organize hair accessories, nail polish and to store snacks. They looked super cute in her shelves above her desk and worked really well. We bought ours at Walmart.


Photo by HGTV.

This simple glass container is cute too…


Photo by Like A Dime

For a decorative statement, this beautiful gold rimmed tray works well, especially if you don’t have a lot of polish. This is from one of my favorite master bedroom makeovers, which I blogged about here.


Photo by Tobe Reed – Because It’s Awesome

Hope some of these ideas inspired you. I know I’m going to try a couple.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

All the best,



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