Gluten Free Mini Waffle Sticks…As Cute As They Are Good

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When my daughters were younger, they loved ordering Waffle Sticks from a nearby restaurant. They thought it was so fun to dip the waffles into the maple syrup and loved the sprinkled powdered sugar on top. They enjoyed them so much that I decided to look for a waffle stick maker. To my surprise my local grocery store carried them, so of course I bought one and got started making Waffle Sticks on a regular basis. The kids loved it and they froze easily so I could make one batch to last for a few meals. The only problem was the waffle maker was so hard to clean and not that easy to use. Kinda of a pain frankly, but that’s what you gotta do sometimes as a mom.

Recently I was shopping at one of my favorite stores, Marshalls, and I saw this Wilton baking tray that would be perfect to make waffle sticks. And for $4.99 a piece, I bought two baking trays.

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I got a great deal on these, but have not seem them at Marshalls since, you can find them on Amazon here for $13.49. A bit more but I would pay this much as they are so easy to use, clean, and make the perfect mini waffle sticks. I absolutely love this pan.

photo 2

I’ve recently gone Gluten Free and was pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of Trader Joe’s  Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix. That is all I use now, because the whole family loves it.  Just follow the directions on the box, but bake them for the time recommended on the Wilton tray directions. 7 minutes cooked my waffle sticks perfectly.

photo 3

Each tray makes 18 mini waffles. For one batch of the Trader Joe’s mix I got 16 sticks. I make a double batch because 16 sticks are just not enough for my crew.

Ready to go in the oven…

photo 5

Just baked, nice and lightly browned…

photo 1 copy 2

To get them out of the pan, I just tip them over on a dish towel…

photo 2 copy 3

So much easier than messing with a waffle maker. They fall right out of the pan and the pan washes easily in warm soapy water.

photo 4 copy 3

Served with a side of maple syrup, which I put in a glass ramekin which is perfect for dipping.

photo 3 copy 3 photo 4

I also served it with our favorite Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, Strawberry Preserves, Grape Jelly and of course some Powdered Sugar.

photo 4 copy 2 photo 5 copy 2

My husband likes to spread on the Cookie Butter and eat it that way. You could also make little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches using the waffle sticks instead of bread.

For more on the Cookie Butter and other Trader Joe favorites, check out my blog post here.

Note that the Cookie Butter is NOT Gluten Free. So please don’t use it if you need a gluten free meal. For all of you who are not gluten free, let me just say this is the BEST Pancake/Waffle mix I have ever used.


As you can see, not much left. Everyone gobbled it down.

Happy family, happy mommy!

Hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great summer.

All the best,



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