California Style Magazines That Make Me So Happy


If you’ve read my About  section, you already know that I love getting magazines and reading them cover to cover, you also know that I’m a Cali girl who loves the California lifestyle and all that goes with it, and lastly that I am a interior design lover. I simply cannot get enough of interior design. So when I started receiving C Magazine and C Home Magazine I was thrilled. I’m not sure why I even get these magazines because I didn’t subscribe to them but I’m sure glad I do.

Both state on the front cover “California Style” and that is exactly what they are. C Magazine has fashion and Decor. The photography is absolutely breathtaking. You feel like you could jump in the pages and and slip into the lifestyle effortlessly, enjoying the easy going nature that is the heart of California.

A great example is in C Magazine’s Summer 2015 issue. This is the home of Stephanie and Dewey Nicks who live in the surf town of Capinteria. This modernist-meets-New England traditional home is exactly what I would want in a vacation home although this family now lives in it full time and I can see why.

photo 1

Look at the architecture of this home…stunning!!!! It emulates all that is the Cali surf lifestyle. In my dreams of a beach vacation home this is what I see. How this family popped into my head is beyond me, but they obviously did.

photo 2

Can we talk about these floors for a minute. This is the master bath done in cement Fez tiles from L.A. -based Granada Tile. This screams fun in the sun! Loving!!! The lacquer painted cabinets are to die for and the marble counter tops are gorgeous. I’m seriously freaking out over this bath and if you check out my Pinterest  (bottom of page), you can check out my vacation home dreams under “Vacation House”.

The pool area is perfection!!! I adore the simplicity of it and all the room to lay out and tan. If I were to do a pool again, this would be my exact design. After designing my own pool and having it for 15 years I realize that the simpler the better, you really don’t need all the bells and whistles. The wood decking and cement surround is genius.

Let’s also talk about the photography. As an amateur photographer for over 30 years, I’m so appreciative of the quality of their photos. They not only capture the essence of the lifestyle but the color and composition is wonderful.

One more photo to prove my point…

photo 3

Shown here is the pool area again, the master bedroom and some of the family’s art displayed on that amazing wood wall, which is art in itself.

To check out more of this amazing home go here.

There is also lots of great fashion in C Magazine.

Next is C Home Magazine. This too, has lots of beautiful photography and is all about Interior Design. Every page is a delight to anyone who is as obsessed with interior design as I am.

The Spring 2015 issue has an article on Diane Keaton’s beautiful black traditional Connecticut-style shingled farmhouse home in Pacific Palisades, one of my favorite areas in California. I grew up not too far from here and hung out in this beautiful area that is located not far from Malibu. It’s a great surfing community but also has lots of beautiful upscale homes.

I’ve been a long time fan of Diane Keaton’s talent in interior design and seen many of her beautiful homes. She as an enormous amount of talent is this area and impeccable taste. I know she’s an amazing actress but I must say her design talent is equal to her acting skills.

Take a look for yourself at her incredible black and white themed home.

photo 1

The ocean views in Pacific Palisades are breathtaking and I love that Ms. Keaton is wearing her iconic style in this photo. The entry is classic with it’s sweeping staircase and dark rich wood floors and stair railing. Loving all the wood and textures.

photo 2

The bold black and white hand painted polka dot walls in the guest room are crazy-cool and I love the risk and boldness she took here.

Her office looks like it’s living with creativity. The books, photos and bit of a mess is evidence that a creative soul lives here. Lots of industrial flavor in this house which is more masculine but somehow she manages to bring enough femininity into the home to make it feel warm and inviting.

photo 3

The little vignette in the hall with it’s striped towels and canine collection, gives a little whimsy to the home without being too sweet. Also really like the James Perse towels.

The Bedroom continues the black and white theme with framed black and white photos, some family shots and some art. I really enjoy that her shelves have bit of messiness with the collection of photos and cards in the wire basket, slipped into what is otherwise shelves organized to perfection.

To see more of this gorgeous home go here.

In researching for this blog entry I checked out the magazines websites and it is a pure goldmine of cool, hip and inspiring design, check out both of them, C Magazine website here and C Home Magazine website here. I have a feeling I’m going to be on both of these websites for hours to come.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

All the best,



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