Trader Joe’s Series…Part 1

I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s for most of my life. I’ve been fortunate to always live near one no matter where I’ve moved. I do 80% of my grocery shopping there not only for the great prices but for the unique and delicious items they sell. I know that if you are not familiar with this grocery store you might just avoid it but I’m going to share my faves and and hope you’ll give it a try and if you’re already shopping there, let you in on a few items you might not have tried. I do get adventurous and try new products because TJ’s never lets me down. Here is the first post in the Trader Joe’s Series. Enjoy…

trader joes part 1avenue of joy

1.  Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle ~ I’m a huge chocolate lover but I really try hard to avoid it because I have absolutely no control, but for those times when I just need a little somethin’ this chocolate really does the trick. Plus it’s dark chocolate so it’s good for you right?!

2. Gluten Free Ginger Snaps ~ Yes, I’ve jumped on the gluten free band wagon kicking and screaming the whole way but must admit for the time being I do feel better. I love anything with ginger and these cookies have a nice snap of ginger taste and I don’t notice at all that they are gluten free.

3. Gluten Free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ took these on a recent road trip and had to pry them out of everyone’s hands just to get a few, so I guess you could say they were a hit with the whole family. Thin, crispy, with a buttery taste of gluten free deliciousness.

4. Organic Split Pea Soup ~ This vegan soup is a staple in our household. I have this at least once a week for lunch. It’s comfort food, warms your tummy and I love that it’s vegan and fills me up. Quick and easy.

5. Speculoos Cookie Butter ~ Honestly I’ve avoided buying this for a while because I had a feeling it would be addicting but I’m trying new products at TJ’s and this was one of them. I was right…addicting. The gingerbread flavor is yummy. My family loves this on toast, waffles, rice cakes and apples.

6. Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies ~ Well once we knew the Cookie Butter was good had to give the cookies a try. YUM!!!

7. Artichoke Antipasto and Bruschetta ~ Top these on #8 for a great after school snack or appetizer. A fresh and healthy snack alternative. Also good served on a toasted baguette.

8. Parmesan Crisps ~ Great topped with #7 and also served with salads or you can break them up and use them as croutons.

9. Pomegranate Seeds ~ Hassle free pomegranate seeds, the works been done for you. Great to snack on or added to salads or guacamole.

10. Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with Sea Salt / 6 snack bags ~ These are great for school lunches, picnics or an on-the-good snack. I always keep these on hand, a staple in our pantry.

11. Coconut Cashews ~ Get your taste buds ready for this. Completely addicting and so yummy!!! Unfortunately nuts are very pricey right now so these are $6.99 a bag ,but so worth it.

12. Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze Passion Fruit & Mango ~ We’ve been drinking these for years. There use to be lots more flavors but the company has cut back on many of them. This is our favorite flavor. It’s 70% juice and the rest sparkling water. An adult juice drink but the kids love it too.

13. Mango & Cream Bars and Coffee Latte & Cream Bars ~ This was a new one for me. There a nice small size so when you want to have something sweet and cold for summer this is a nice treat. Gluten free too.

14. Roasted Coconut Chips ~ My daughter loves to put this on top of her homemade acai bowls, they’re also great to use as an ice cream or yogurt topping.

15. Fresh Peaches ~ Every year TJ’s gets the best fresh peaches and they come in this cute little box that looks great on my kitchen island. Love when my family reaches for fruit as a snack!

16. Lite Kettle Corn / 6 packs ~ These are also great for school lunches, picnics or on-the-go snacks. A little sweet, a little salty and a lot of good!

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s items?

Happy Summer.

All the best,



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