Incredible Finds on One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is one of my favorite online shopping websites. It carries everything for your home and some personal items like jewelry. I try and check it out at least a couple of times a week, as the deals go fast. You do have to check prices though, sometimes I can find the same item other places for less, so I usually only buy things that are at least 50% off. I always check out the clearance section. Today they really had some great deals and some beautiful items. Let’s get started and I’ll show you some things I bought and some other things I wish I could buy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.08.41 PM

THIS RUG!!! I’ve had my eye on this rug for a long time at Ballard Designs but it was just not on the top of my list with all the remodeling we’ve had going on. I’m trying to get all the big stuff taken care of before I start buying all the details. I just kept hoping they would have it when I was ready to buy it. To my surprise, it was on sale at One Kings Lane for a fraction of the price. Originally I wanted this for my office but they had the 3′ x 5′ on sale for $151 from $340. What a deal and I really LOVE this rug, so I think I will probably end up putting it in my daughters bathroom due to the size.  We are working on the guest bath right now and I think their bath will be next. Either way I’m happy to have this as a part of our remodel.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.10.27 PMPart of my home remodel is to reorganize EVERYTHING. So I’m always on the lookout for trays to organize my jewelry in an interesting way. This gold tray was only $15 and it reminded me of the type of trays I remember my mother and grandmother using for their jewelry. I really like the simple lines and aesthetic of this piece.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.09.07 PM I LOVE books! I LOVE to read! I also LOVE to collect pretty coffee table books. Macrons are my favorite, so this little book, I just had to have. It’s all in the detail and I think this little detail is going to be great in my home.

Here are some more details of the book…

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.09.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.09.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.09.37 PM

I’m always on the lookout for wood cutting and serving boards. I have a big basket next to my buffet/hutch by my kitchen table that I store them in. It keeps them handy and is decorative too. I will be blogging about styling that buffet/hutch soon and you’ll get to check this out.

I like the size of this wood serving board. I have about three in this size, they make great centerpieces. I like to line them up in the center of the table and display food on them for a rustic look, especially for fresh cut bread.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.10.05 AMWood cutting/serving boards can get pretty pricey, so for $8 I had to pick this one up.

I loved this wood board too but couldn’t get it this time around. Wish I could because I really love it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.07.47 AM

Since we’re on the topic of wood, this wood cake platter is beautiful but couldn’t get this yet either. But LOVE!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.14.55 AM

 I did purchase these beautifully wood carved salad servers. The details on the handle really won me over. We eat a lot of salad around here and I like to have a big bowl of salad in the middle of the table with some nice serving utensils. I’ve been collecting these lately and since I missed out on the last ones I wanted because I didn’t buy them fast enough, I didn’t want to miss out on these cuties.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.07.08 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.08.38 AM

I really like this crystal cheese and cracker server but forgot to put it in my cart. I think it’s a classic piece and you could use it all the time. I thought this would be nice for Easter but darn it forgot to buy it, maybe it will still be there next week. It’s a great deal.

I did buy this serving plate though. I really liked how original it is and the shape makes it look like an art piece. Aesthetics are very important to me, but so is functionality.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.06.09 AM

Lastly, I wish I could have bought all of this Pembroke serving ware. It’s elegant and classic with a wonderful modern feel to it. I think it looks great to match up some pieces that are more ornate with simple white pieces. It dresses up your table without being stuffy or old fashioned.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.10.41 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.59.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.05.34 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.59.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.00.06 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.59.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.58.55 AM

The color and the gold on these pieces are just perfection. Awwww well, maybe next time.

That was my fun shopping day at One Kings Lanes.  Great resource for your home.

All the best,



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