7 Days of JOY…a weekly series

7 Days of JOY from Friday 1/6/15 to Thursday 1/12/15

This weeks 7 Days of JOY is late. I apologize, I always post this on Friday but with Valentine’s Day and some other activities I got so caught up in life, I fell behind. That to me is the BEST reason of all…LIFE!!! Let’s not get so wrapped up in social media that we actually forget the real world. With that said I am dedicated to this blog and am just figuring out how to manage it on a daily basis (Monday – Friday). This has been a great creative outlet for me and I’m enJOYing sharing my passion for life and JOYful living with all of you (or at this point some/any of you). By the way, so appreciative of the people who are the first to follow me. Thank you so much!!!

Here’s last weeks 7 Days of JOY…

photoDay 1 Friday 2/6/15: After repainting my kitchen table (see post here) I pulled out a favorite blue vase from Crate and Barrel that I got many years ago, and filled it with the simplicity of white daisies (a real favorite flower of mine), that I purchased at Trader Joe’s. Just loved the contrast of the white, white table and chairs with the blue of the vase against my black buffet/hutch from Pottery Barn, which is filled with white serving wearing. Just the look I was wanting and I’m thrilled that this area is almost done in my remodel. JOY in my home!!!

photo copy 2

Day 2 Saturday 2/7/15: My sweet Skye off to Winter Formal with her handsome date. A mother’s JOY filled heart!!!

photo copy 3

Day 3 Sunday 2/8/15: A lovely lunch at True Food Kitchen with my older daughter Sage and my husband. Sage came home from college just to see her little sister go to Formal. My heart was full of JOY to see the LOVE between my beautiful girls. I’ve always told them how important sister relationships are and it was such a pleasure to see the love they have for one another and how much they miss each other now that Sage is away at school. The best kind of JOY for a mother is to see your children grow up and be so close.

photo copy 4

Day 4 Monday 2/9/15: These carrot fries!!!! So yummy and as my husband’s Grandma P use to say “delicious and nutritious, makes me feel ambitious”. These are so delicious and super healthy. Check them out. Made my tummy very JOYful.

photo copy 5

Day 5 Tuesday 2/10/15: I’ve been looking for knobs for cabinets and furniture. Read lots of bloggers that I follow find some great stuff at the hardware store, so off I went to check things out. Before I even walked in the door there were lots of knobs on sale and to my JOYful heart I found some for the laundry room cabinets and guest bath cabinets for a song or really dirt cheap. I got 18 knobs for $29.35 including tax. SCORE!!! I’ll be blogging about this a little later, so look out for that.

photo copy 6

Day 6 Wednesday 2/11/15: Every Wednesday on my Instagram account I post WEDNESDAY WISDOM. This week’s quote really rang true for me especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. This is how I FEEL everyday and the reason I look for JOY in every day. It’s a domino affect. We can go through our day affecting the world in a negative way or a positive way. I choose a positive way and first and foremost to honor God in every way I can. Ultimately, even though I’m going through life with these attitude in spreading JOY around me, it is I who ends up being blessed too. It’s a win win, folks!

photo copy 7

Family is everything, so when my sister Dinky said she could stop by for a few hours, I was thrilled. She lives a little over an hour away from me so unfortunately I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. We spent the morning chatting as only sisters can do, changing subjects so fast no one else could possibly keep up. For lunch we went to one of my favorite local eateries: Wahoo’s. Delicious and healthy. They just started serving this amazing soup, chock full of vegetables. It was so delicious. I feel the most JOY in my life when I am with my family.

That was my 7 Days of JOY for this week. Hope you found lots of JOY and happiness your your week too.

All the best,



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