Winter Formal Cupcakes And All That Goes With It

photo copy 3Skye and her date.

Winter Formal was upon us and first on the list: for my daughter to ask a young man to the dance. Winter Formal is a Sadie Hawkins dance…girls ask the boys. This is when all the girls get to see what it feels like for the boys when they do the asking, not quite as easy as they think. Skye asked a young man who is from London, so she went with that theme. All went well, so off we went to buy everything needed: dresses, shoes, jewelry, tickets etc., etc. It was all very fun and went smoothly.

It is customary now, for the kids to get together at a specified location to take pictures before the dance. Groups are formed, meeting place arranged, then after it’s dinner and a party bus or limo ride to the dance. Our Winter Formal is always at different venues, this venue was about 45 minutes away, so the kids got a party bus to take them. Also, conveniently and nicely, one of the moms offered to host a dinner at her house before the dance. Great…everything is planned. I appreciate when a family hosts dinners like this, it makes it easier on everyone as a restaurant situation can get costly and it can also make for a rushed situation. To host 25 kids for dinner is very generous, so to help out I offered to make dessert. I asked the young girl who’s family was hosting the party what she would like for dessert,  she wanted cupcakes and her favorite flavor was vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. OK done.

To make it fancy for Formal I decided to go with a gold and silver theme. Here’s how it went…

photo 3I went to Michaels got gold and silver sprinkles and gold and silver cupcake liners. I used box cake mixes and ready made frosting. I always buy the whipped frosting because it’s lighter tasting and also more fluffy to frost with. It’s been busy around here so there wasn’t much time for homemade, but honestly I think box mixes are great.

photo 1

First I made the vanilla cupcakes with the chocolate frosting. For more variety I also made chocolate cupcakes with white frosting.

To make it coordinate I used the gold liners with the silver sprinkles and the silver liners with the gold sprinkles.

photo 2

Cupcakes ready to go and cooling.

photo 1 copy photo 3 copy

Frosted vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and silver sprinkles. I like to frost just the tops of the cupcakes allowing some of the cake to show, this looks prettier and it shows the cake, so people can pick the flavor they want.

photo 2 copy

I also bought at Michaels, these white cardboard boxes to make it easy to transport the cupcakes. 20 cupcakes fit perfectly. I have nice cupcake carriers but I thought it would be easier on the host if she could just toss the box when she was done. It worked out great.

Chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and gold sprinkles, were my favorite. I love the way they turned out, and together with the other cupcakes, it was very festive and perfect for their Winter Formal dinner party.

photo 4

The nicest part, my daughter Sage came home from college to see her sister go to Formal. She was so helpful, she helped frost and sprinkle.

photo 5 copy

Cupcakes were all boxed up and ready to go.

But, I wasn’t just a cupcake maker, I was also quite the hairdresser. I managed waterfall braids on the first try. Phewwwww!  Learned how to do this off of YouTube. Here’s Skye’s pretty braids.

DSC_0021 DSC_0023


Now off to take Winter Formal pictures with all her friends.

My pretty all-American girl with her handsome Brit…


Wasn’t I just taking her to Kindergarten???


My sweet girl and the lovely corsage she received.



The beautiful view. I’m always thankful for where I live and the beauty I see everyday.

Great spot for photos. I always try and get some candid shots.

photo copy 2

My daughter goes to a private school and there are LOTS of dress codes to follow when you go to a dance. The dresses must be floor length, no slits above the knee, no high-low dresses, no sheer dresses or cutouts and it can’t be too low in back. Not so easy to find a dress, but when all is said and done the girls always look so classically beautiful, so worth the effort to find these dresses.


After the photos are taken the kids where off the their friends house where they had dinner and then the cupcakes. Since it’s not cool for the parents to hang around for this part, I didn’t get any photos but I did receive this text later that evening which was sweet…


The kids really liked the cupcakes and the decorations on them. It’s all in the details, I say. It takes some team work, but it’s so nice to see all the kids get a wonderful night and memories they will have for a lifetime, not to mention the memories all of the parents get too.

Hope this is helpful if you need a last minute dessert. It really didn’t take much to have something special and festive, ready to go.

All the best,



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