7 Days of Joy…a weekly series

7 Days of Joy from Friday 1/30/15 to Thursday 2/5/15

 Everyday I make sure and acknowledge one thing that brought me JOY. Here’s what I’m thankful for and things that brought me JOY for this week.

photoDay 1 Friday 1/30/15 – This broccoli, cheese and egg scramble was so delicious and packed full of protein and veggies. A great way to start the day. And yes, that is ketchup drizzled on top because I gotta have ketchup with my eggs. JOY in the morning.

photo copy 2Day 2 Saturday 1/31/15 – I took a website design course at the local junior college. I was really excited to hone my craft, move towards my goals and live my dreams. I really feel that if you move towards what you want, it will happen. That’s the way I live my life. Everyday is a gift from God and I try and make the most of it, always. The class was great and I learned a lot. I use to take my kids here in the summer for their “college for kids” program. Got a bit choked up walking on the campus, brought back a lot of wonderful and JOYful memories.

photo copy 3Day 3 Sunday 2/1/15  – Superbowl Sunday was really fun, hanging out with my family, cooking, and eating. The half time show was great. Lenny Kravitz is one of my favorite performers, paired with Katy Perry and well, I guess you could say I went a little crazy in our family room. I felt so JOYful in that moment and I loved seeing the look on my daughter Skye’s face when she saw how happy I was. Priceless.

photo copy 4Day 4 Monday 2/2/15 – Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Costco and pickup these Southwest Veggie Burgers. They come in pita pockets and you just heat them in the microwave for 55 seconds and you have the yummiest little vegetarian snack. Really great for kids lunches, after school snack or appetizers. Our tummy’s were full of JOY with this little treat.

photo 1Day 5 Tuesday 2/3/15 – I LOVE flowers. I love having lots of them in my home and garden, but I also really enJOY going to the flower shop especially when it’s something for my girls. Skye is going to Formal this weekend and so I went to order the boutineer for her date. It’s one of those moments as a mom that you catch your breath because you can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and this little girl you were just taking to Kindergarten, is off to Formal with a date. JOYful sigh!!!

photo copy 5Day 6 Wednesday 2/4/15 – Taking a walk with my husband and I noticed the weeds coming through the sidewalk cracks. My husband thought it was silly that I would find JOY in this. “It’s a weed, not a flower” he said. But I love that nature creeps into the concrete of our lives and even in a weed, brings about a pretty yellow flower. Nature always seems to win! I find that beautiful and that has JOY written all over it.

photo copy 6Day 7 Thursday 2/5/15 – Beautiful, bright, colorful veggies for dinner. I eat veggies as much as possible. LOVE THEM!!! They are so pure, organic and wholesome. I mean, look at that picture, that is beautiful!!!  Whole foods directly from the earth, what could be better. I’m always surprised when people say they don’t like veggies or act like it’s a chore to eat them. Vegetables are so versatile, you can eat them so many different ways. Best of all they make you feel GREAT. So eat your veggies! Now that’s JOY to me.

That’s my 7 Days of JOY for this week. I’m thankful for every one of them, and as I’ve said before, this weekly exercise is proving to be very cathartic, good for the soul and really does give me a moment to remember what is really important and to thank God for all the blessings. Give it a try, I bet you’ll like it too and I’d love to hear your JOY for the week.

All the best,



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